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Here is the fastest of my proved formulas for pi (3 digits per term) written in a popular form. I proved it in 2002 by the WZ-method.

And here is the fastest of all my formulas for pi (5 digits per term). It has not been proved yet. I found it in 2003 using the PSLQ algorithm.

In 2013 I have obtained a smooth representation of the function of Mangoldt as a sum over all the non-trivial zeros of the Riemann zeta function. Below we write the formula assuming the RH:

where gamma denotes the imaginary parts of the zeros of zeta and x<pi tending to pi . Here we show the graphic when we take x=3.14 and sum over the 10000 first zeros of zeta.

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(ideas, formulas, conjectures, etc)

My pi formulas PDF
Series closely related to Ramanujan formulas for pi. PDF
Tables of Ramanujan series with rational values of z. PDF
Chains of series for 1/pi associated to WZ-pairs. PDF
Expansions related to Ramanujan series and alike. PDF
Collection of Ramanujan-like series for 1/pi2. PDF
Some challenging formulas for pi. PDF

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Ramanujan-like series for 1/pi2 and String Theory PDF
Centenario de la RSME. Palacio de congresos de Ávila. (4 de Febrero de 2011).
K-Theory, Quadratic Forms and Number Th. Seminar. School of Math. Sci. Univ. College Dublin. (Feb. 23, 2011).
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