Recreational Shellfish Areas Openings & Closings

As of September 18th 2018 
Opening/Closed information provided by the Guilford Health Department

Notice from the Town of Guilford Health Department:
Remember, when collecting shellfish in warmer water temperatures, you can reduce your risk of shellfish bacteria contamination by getting your shellfish catch to refrigeration, less than 45 F, within 5 hrs

For more information please click on the following links:


 Little HarborClosed
 Shell Beach / Island Bay Closed
 Great Harbor / Joshua Cove Closed  
 Bloody Cove Closed
 Indian Cove Closed
 Chaffinch IslandClosed
 Grass Island Closed

Disclaimer:  All recreational shellfish area opening/closing information is provided by the Guilford Health Department.  Every attempt has been made to keep this website current.  The shellfish hotline,(203) 453-8088 will always have the most current information and should always be checked prior to clamming.