Guido Valerio

  Guido VALERIO, Ph.D.
Associate Professor (Maî
tre de Conférences)

Sorbonne Universités, Université Pierre et Marie Curie
Laboratoire d'Electronique et Electromagnétisme 

Research areas:
  • Numerical and analytic modeling of wave propagation and scattering,
  • Antenna and microwave circuit design (on-body, UWB, near field, leaky-wave antennas).

  • My scientific interests include numerical and analytic methods for wave propagation and scattering in complex media, such as periodic and multilayered environments. I worked on the design of UWB microstrip antennas, harmonic-tunable active antennas fed by class-FG amplifiers, multifunction antenna arrays for weather and aircraft control, and on the GPR characterization of Martian subsoil through numerical modeling and experimental validation on Martian-like soil.

    I am currently involved in the development of efficient numerical methods for large multilayered structures with vertical interconnects and slot coupling; in the characterization of body area networks at millimeter waves; in near-field focusing techniques at microwave and millimeter waves by means of low-profile devices; in the modelling and design of multibeam antenna systems through systems of reflectors, beam-forming networks, and quasi optical components.

    In 2008 I was the recipient of the “Leopold B. Felsen Award for Excellence in Electrodynamics”. 
    In 2009 I was a finalist for the “Young Engineering Prize” at the European Microwave Conference. In 2010 I received the “Barzilai Prize” for the best paper at the National Italian Congress of Electromagnetics (XVIII RiNEm), and a co-author of a project finalist at the “Premio Innovazione 2010 - Selex S. I.” (Finmeccanica group). In 2014, I have been the recipient of the Junior "Raj Mittra Travel Grant" 
    Award, at the International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation and USNC-URSI National Radio Science Meeting in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.

    My affiliations

    September 2014 - present
    October 2011 - August 2014
    April 2009 – September 2011
    February 2008 – August 2008 
    November 2005 - April 2009
      Assistant Professor at Sorbonne Universitès, Université Pierre et Marie Curie (L2E), Paris, France
    PostDoc Fellow at 
    Institut d’Électronique et de Télécommunications de Rennes, France
    PostDoc Fellow at Università di Roma Sapienza (DIET), Rome
    Visiting scholar at University of Houston (ECE Department), Houston, TX, US
    PhD Student at Università di Roma Sapienza (DIE), Rome

    Guido Valerio,
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