Guido Gonzato's Home Page

Who I am

Hello everybody. My name is Guido Gonzato, I live and play in Verona, Italy. I graduated in Earth Sciences at the University of Bologna and later got my Ph.D. in Geophysics. My main interests are geology, music, nature, and a bit of computer science. I think of myself as a geologist derailed by circumstance.

If I could, I'd love to earn my living as a geologist. Unfortunately, in a country heavily struck by earthquakes, landslides and floods there's apparently no room for geologists! You know, geologists prevent damages, thus lowering the GDP.

Never mind, I'm lucky to have a steady job. I work as a Unix/Linux system manager; largely under-exploited and underpaid, ça va sans dire! Needless to say, as most knowledgeable computer users I prefer to work with GNU/Linux and Free Software (aka Open Source software.)

I provide some stuff, see the links at the left.