Welcome to Guiding Beyond Boundaries, the wiki for guiders who would like to produce collaborative resources.

If you'd like to help make a resource, send an e-mail to louise@ideas4kids.org (subheading 'Guiding Beyond Boundaries') with a brief description of your role in guiding.

If you would like notification when a resource is finished and ready for download, please join the google notification group: http://groups.google.com/group/guiding-beyond-boundaries

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General Discussions

What licence should we publish under?

Completed Resources

The Orient Express Challenge

A booklet of activities with an associated badge based on the destinations of the Orient Express (i.e. London, Paris, Venice, Rome, Vienna, Prague, Krakow, Budapest, Istanbul).

Resource Topic Suggestions

Please limit suggestions here to a brief description. Create new pages for in-depth discussion.

Working title: Papercraft around the world
Brief Description: A booklet looking at papercraft traditions from different parts of the world.

Working title: Saints and Flags
Brief Description: To look at the patron saints and flags of all parts of the United Kingdom with activities for the Saints days

Working title: Time Travel
Brief Description: A booklet with activities based on different time periods, possibly with an accompanying badge.

Working title: Girls in the Lead
Brief Description: A booklet or website with suggested ways to get girls more involved in decision making and running their unit.

Working title: City Explorer
Brief Description: A badge and scheme of work encouraging exploration of a city or area.

Working title: Guiding and Modern Technology
Brief Description: A booklet or website with tips on using modern technology in guiding.