Definitions of Merchandising Terms


This is just a small number of the terms used in retail merchandising. If interest warrants I will add a more comprehensive list.

Clip Strip- A plastic or metal hanging strip that merchandises products in areas other than their home location.

End Cap- The end shelving area of a Gondola

Facing- The number of spaces a product has on a shelf or peg hook.

Gondola- Is a free standing shelving unit where products are placed for sale.

POG- Plan-o-gram

Plan-o-gram- A map or schematic depicting the placement of products

Peg Hook- A metal or plastic rod that goes into the peg board to hand products from

POS- Point of purchase, items created by the manufacture to draw attention to their products

Reset- Moving product on shelves or peg hooks to match a plan-o-gram.

Shelf Talker- A small sign designed to show a special price or sale. Hangs from the shelf to draw attention to the product it is associated with.

Side kick- A rack that is on the side of an end cap where product is displayed.

UPC- Universal Product code, which is the set of lines and spaces that is scanned, also contains a set of numbers that identifies the product and its price.