Welcome to this site about openSUSE. This site aims to provide information about how to install and configure openSUSE. This includes configuring the most essential applications to fit day to day usage.
On the right there is an image of how openSUSE can look after doing some minor configurations.

If you did not not already install openSUSE, I recommend reading the page the installation of openSUSE
first. This provides as small guide into creating a bootable medium and the installation of openSUSE.

After installing openSUSE you want to set up automatic updates and configure the system restore function that is inside openSUSE.

Next you want to lower the swappiness and, if you installed openSUSE on a computer with a Solid State Drive (SSD), make some changes to how the file system handles the SSD.

The basic configuration ends with installing the multimedia codecs and closed source drivers for a descrete graphics card.

After finishing the basic system configuration, you may want to look at the following things: