Gateway to Oklahoma History

The video below is a screencast of search processes in the Gateway to Oklahoma History. The video shows how to do a simple keyword search, an advanced search, a search by location, and how to manipulate and best view the results.

The Gateway to Oklahoma History is an amazing repository of Oklahoma newspapers dating from 1844 to 1923. OHS is continuously adding to the collection. So even if what you're looking for is not in the collection currently, it could be there soon! Currently, the digital repository holds 565,497 pages of newspaper content in English, Cherokee, Choctaw, and German from 34 of the 77 Oklahoma counties.

Even if the Gateway does not have resources digitized from the county you desire, take the time to search the surrounding counties. For example, McClain county does not have any items uploaded but a lot of the towns in McClain county appeared in Norman newspapers, and Norman is located in Cleveland county.

Watch the video to learn even more!

Gateway to Oklahoma History Search Tutorial

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