2. Where the Information is Stored online
Introduction to FreeBSD

Information about FreeBSD is available from several sources. Most of the documentation is on-line, in a wide variety of formats.

Internet Web Sites:

There are a lot of good web sites out there on FreeBSD. The simplest method to find information is to start with the Official FreeBSD web sites.

The above are part of the ongoing FreeBSD Documentation Project, which includes tutorials written by FreeBSD experts, and references to useful books.

There are also a lot of other web pages out there that have to do with FreeBSD and UNIX in General.

The people at freebsd.org also provide a wide variety of mailing lists to talk about FreeBSD, report bugs, ask questions, keep you up to date on developments, and so on-- all the support you could want, and you don't have to pay anybody $195/hour. You can find out more about these at http://www.freebsd.org/support.html


Most of the Documentation is also available on the Installation CD-ROM, and can be accessed through DOS or Windows. It might be a good idea to look at the online documentation, and if you anticipate problems, print off the appropriate sections before trying to install FreeBSD.

Documentation, in limited forms, is available during installation.

Your system:

On your system you can find the most documentation. Including:

  • A full set of manual pages.

  • The FreeBSD Handbook and FAQ in HTML format. You will find these in /usr/share/doc. They can be viewed with Netscape or Lynx.

  • Examples included with the operating system.

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