13. Adding Packages
Introduction to FreeBSD

Packages are pre-compiled software that have been assembled for use with FreeBSD. Packages are really just software packages, like you would purchase from a vendor, except they have been packaged by people who work with the FreeBSD project and are available for free. They are the work of people who have either written a software package especially for FreeBSD, or have taken an already existing piece of software and packaged it for installation on FreeBSD. Packages are designed for a specific -RELEASE, in other words, they are compiled on the current version of the operating system and may have unforeseen results if used on an untested version.

Packages are very easy to install. They can be installed several ways.

  • From the Sysinstall Packages Menu

  • Using the command pkg_add

  • The hard-way; uncompressing and installing each component by hand.

For more information, see the section on Adding Software

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