11. Upgrading FreeBSD Versions
Introduction to FreeBSD


Just to be safe, backup all of your data before upgrading a system.

The first thing an upgrade asks you is where to mount your partitions. It is important to label your partitions the same as they were previously. For example, you have a 100M partition named sd0s1f, and a second 100M partition named sd0s1g. The partition sd0s1f is mounted on /home, and sd0s1g is mounted on /var. If during your upgrade, you switched the disklabels on those two partitions, the upgrade would start copying the files that belong in /var on to your users home directories, because they were kept on sd0s1f. So, if you delete, or mis-label, a disk partition, you may lose, or screw up, all information stored on that partition.

When you upgrade from a 2.2.1 or earlier -RELEASE, you will be upgrading to the new rc.conf files by hand.. You will no longer be using the /etc/sysconfig file to configure your server. You will have to convert the information from /etc/sysconfig into /etc/rc.conf.


Make sure you know where your volumes are currently mounted before you start an upgrade, so you can remount them in the same place

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