Gran Torino (Clint Eastwood)
Che - O Argentino (Steven Soderbergh)
American Beauty (Sam Mendes, 1999)
The Matrix (Andy Wachowski, 1999)
The English Patient (Anthony Minghella, 1996)
Scent of a Woman (Martin Brest, 1992)
Apocaliyse Now (Francis Ford Copola, 1989)
Once Upon a Time in America (Sergio Leone, 1984)
Out of Africa (Sydney Pollack, 1985)
Chariots of Fire (Hugh Hudson, 1981)
Manhattan (Woody Allen, 1979)
All That Jazz (Bob Fosse, 1979)
Annie Hall (Woody Allen, 1977)
Taxi Driver (Martin Scorsese, 1976)
2001: A Space Odyssey (Stanley Kubrick, 1968)
Lawrence of Arabia (David Lean, 1962)
Vertigo (Alfred Hitchcock, 1958)
Casablanca (Michael Curtiz, 1942)
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