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<!-- What is DAM --> 
Digital Asset Management is the process of storing, retrieving and distributing the digital content which could be audio, video or document in a centralized organized system that allows for quick and efficient storage ,retrieval and reuse of files for business processes.Basically DAM provides the business rules and processes needed to acquire,store,index,secure,export and transform these assets and their descrptive information.

<!-- Components of DAM -->
DAM has three basic components:
(a) Repository : This is the place where assets are stored and supports version control,categorization.
(b) Database : Could be any robust RDBMS such as Oracle or Sql Server.Here information about assets is stored
(c) User Interface : Can be accessed by the browser and enables a user to access the DAM system.

Note : In a DAM System major functionalities like storing,indexing,searching and retrieving is done by means of metadata tags which is the heart of this emerging technology.

<!-- What's Metadata -->
Metadata is the information about an object be it physical or digital. It can be automatically generated or can be generated by the user.Metadata associated with a asset helps to standardize the data.It can be entered by the User at the time of importing the Digital entity.

A DIGITAL FILE + METADATA makes an Asset which is crital information rather than a simple databank in a repository.But the show doesn't stop here in DAM. These Assets are again secured by means of security policies and can define a variety of restrictions to the end user.The metadata is stored in XML format.

DAM products also provide high level suite of APIs that help for robust extension and integration.