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If you have stumbled upon this page chances are that you are going to read and enjoy this Story . This is  a story about a guy who enjoyed his life to the utmost , had a huge Fortune & Health fall and then   got up from the ashes only to relive his amazing life again.

"Quoting Sharukh Khan from Om Shanti Om (Picture abhi khatam nahi huye dost , Picture abhi baaki hai)"

 It was on that dreadful night that I had met with a gruesome accident . As a result of the accident I was lost in coma continuously for two days after which I had gained consciousness and to my utter dismay realized that I was paralyzed. That was a point of time when the mental agony was so intense that I wanted to run not merely from circumstances but from my very own self. All my aspirations had come to a stand still. It later took me a lot of courage, determination and understanding to subdue the situation of my life and press on towards my goal of Walking again. Although I've been battered, pummeled and bruised by fate from every possible direction. I was determined to fight every battle with a courageous heart and move on undeterred towards my reconstructed dream. Let me proudly share with you all that i did during my days of convalescence, I worked hard on my fitness, did intense Physiotheraphy with my physiotherapist, tried to walk in a parallel bar and eventually crossed the basic barrier.Now i am able to freely walk in a parallel bar and as soon as the Knee strength returns i will be able to walk again just like the old days..  

"Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved." ---- William Jennings Bryan