Campus Visits

1. No publication, no matter how thorough, can give you a complete picture of a college or university.  A campus visit is the best way to see for yourself what a college is like.

  • Advanced planning with the college admissions office is important to help you make the most of your visit.  Most colleges encourage campus visits and provide open houses and tours


2.    Make an appointment by calling the admissions office.  Writing a letter to make an appointment is often too time consuming and does not allow for making changes in date and time without needless correspondence.  You do not need to speak with an admissions officer to make an appointment: the office secretary usually arranges visits.



       a.    Take a tour - check facilities, including dormitories.

        b. Talk to students -a very useful source of information about a college- but, remember that students personal opinions must be considered with care.

        c. Here are some questions to ask students you meet during your tour:

                1)    What do you like best about the school?  Like least?

                2)    What three things would you change about the school?

                3)    What is it like on the weekends?

                4)    What clubs and activities are available?

                5)    How good is the food in the dining facilities?

                6)    Who are the best professors?

                7)    What is available off-campus (restaurants, stores, job opportunities)?

                8)    How easy is it for freshman to get the classes they want?

                9)    Is there anything important I should see before I leave?

        d.    Visit a class; talk with a faculty member, if possible.

        e.    Have a meal on campus

        f. Visit the coffee shop, snack bar or dining hall as a place to meet students.

        g. Read the campus newspaper as a means of finding out what the issues are on campus during your visit....check the bulletin boards in the student union or cafeteria.

        h.    Ask Questions!!!  Don't be bashful!!!



     a.    Sometimes it is impossible to visit a campus.  You can still get the feel of a college by talking to recent graduates or current students who are from your area.  The colleges' admissions office can give you the names of these people.

     b.    Many college representatives travel to interview students in their homes or at school or hotels nearby.   Write or call the admission office to find out when a representative will be in your area and to make an appointment to see him or her.


5.    Also, many colleges and universities have produced videos of their campuses.  Check with colleges admissions office or your high school guidance office.  You may take a virtual tour of most campuses on the guidance web site under “Links” - click on Virtual Tours.