The guidance and counseling services in Wild Rose Schools K-12 include testing, pupil appraisal, special needs assessment, and referrals.  In grades K-5 services are provided to students and their families by the elementary principal, the school psychologist, and are directed by Courtney Donati, a Wisconsin State Certified K-12 counselor.


Working in conjunction, the principal, psychologist, and counselor provides assistance to students, their parents, and their teachers in developing learning competencies and personal/social competencies.  In the classroom and in the offices of the principal, psychologist, and counselor, students are aided in directing their own development of self, and how one relates to school, peers, society, conflict and resolution, cultures, lifestyles, change, and occupations/careers.


Personal counseling encompasses the widest range of topics and issues.  Students who are experiencing confusion or difficulty in their lives are encouraged to visit with the counselor, the principals, or with the school psychologist.


Scheduling for ACT or SAT or other achievement-oriented tests is done through the high school guidance office.  Information on colleges and other post-secondary education, including admission and registration information is also available in the high school guidance office.


Although much is done in the various classrooms in terms of occupational information and outlook, the high school guidance office is a key resource for information on these issues.