The cognitive review of the Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES) is a project funded by the Higher Education Academy.

Please note that part of the site will be private for the research group and will remain not publicly accessible.

The aim of the project is to carry out an analysis of items used in the PRES in order to validate questions and revise the instrument to ensure the relevance of the questions asked. A set of recommendations founded on empirical evidence will emerge from the research to advise the HEA about potential changes in the next release of the survey. 

This will be achieved using two separate methods. The main focus will be a series of cognitive interviews with PGRs conducted by fellow PGRs. Secondly, we will use an online survey tool enhanced with a system to allow participant to record and submit excerpts of audio/video. The latter is not  interactive as the interviews, but the alternative method is designed to access distance and part-time student who might not be otherwise able to take part in the project. 

The two methods will help to identify common issues and misunderstandings and in turn provide rich empirical evidence to the HEA to inform the potential revision of the PRES. 

 It is expected that the project will be completed by mid January and outcomes and recommendations will be disseminated shortly after that. 

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