Abhradeep Guha Thakurta

Post-doctoral Research Associate

Stanford University and Microsoft Research, Silicon Valley Campus

Email: guhathakurta.abhradeep@gmail.com, b-abhrag@microsoft.com

Ph: +1-814-321-1039

About Me

I have graduated from the Theory group of Pennsylvania State University. My doctoral advisor is Prof. Adam D. Smith. I am  a post-doctoral research associate jointly hosted by Stanford University and Microsoft Research, Silicon Valley Campus. I am currently working with Dr. Cynthia Dwork and Prof. John Mitchell. I will be joining Yahoo Labs! Sunnyvale as a research scientist this summer.  

Research Interests

I am primarily interested in statistical data privacy and its relation to machine learning and data mining. More precisely, I study the privacy implications in problems spanning the areas of high-dimensional statistics, online learning and pattern mining. Usually studying the privacy implications result in analyzing the algorithmic stability of existing learning algorithms. Recently, I have been also interested in studying the interrelation between various privacy notions and their practical implications.

My formal training has been in theoretical computer science, but I am equally interested in the theory and system building aspects of large scale deployment of private learning algorithms. 

Background (Prior to PhD)

I got my undergraduate degree (B.Tech) in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal in 2007. Immediately after my graduation in 2007, I joined SQL Compact group in Microsoft India Development Center and worked there till June, 2008.