• Welcome to my homepage. I am Guhan Venkat [1] and I am a CRM Postdoctoral fellow at Universite Laval working with Antonio Lei. Prior to that, I was a Research Associate at University College, London/ University of Warwick working with Sarah Zerbes and David Loeffler.
    • I completed my doctoral studies within the ALGANT-Doc framework of the Erasmus Mundus program. My partner universities were Universite de Bordeaux where my advisor was Denis Benois and Universita di Padova where my advisors were Matteo Longo and Adrian Iovita.
    • I earned my undergraduate degrees (BS & MS) at the Indian Institute of Science Education & Research at Pune.
    • Contact email : guhan DOT venkat AT gmail DOT com

[1] For administrative/official purposes I go by Guhanvenkat Harikumar (sometimes Guhan Harikumar), owing to a misprint in my passport.