Music provides human beings with a wealth of benefits including skills that can improve almost every facet of life and most importantly, the ability to express oneself uniquely through the only aural art form. Studying music develops motor control and coordination through the act of playing an instrument, engages critical and creative thinking through problem solving and improvisation, and allows for individual focus and community building through one-on-one lessons, chamber music, and in the large ensemble setting.

Because music is so essential to human life, it is my fundamental goal to encourage all students to wholly participate in music aesthetically and consider music from both an individual personal and diverse global point-of-view. In my teaching, I am committed to both meeting the needs of each individual student and developing the classroom as community. It is my hope that each student I work with will gain a broader understanding of the importance of music in our lives and with this knowledge continue to pursue their own musical interests and encourage the musical interests of others as well.