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  A  modern karate dojo dedicated to training  in all aspects of  martial arts

Spiritual Development of the Individuality in Mind and Body




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At GKD we believe that all our students are unique and have their own individual talents. We strive to enhance their recognition of this while helping them improve their fitness, concentration, self-confidence, and fighting skills.

We teach a comparitively modern style of Karate, strongly rooted in China and Okinawa, in a traditional type of way.

 One of our core training tools is the use of contact ( with protection ) in both fighting and drills. As a result our students develop practical skills that have been tried and tested. Shorinjiryu also incorporates throws and joint locking techniques. These are tought at advanced levels only.

We believe strongly that martial arts training will develop strong, compassionate, and capable individuals.

We emphasize fitness and health as a way of life for all of our students. To that end we integrate general physical fitness skills and strength building exercises into all of our classes.

Our Dojo maintains a limited enrollment policy to ensure a reasonable teacher to student ratio. All classes are instructed by qualified adult black belt instructors.

About GKD

GKD  has been established since January 1993 - a full contact karate club -  The principle instructor is Michael Fall, Sensei, an experienced martial artist of over 10 years and father of two.

Our Students

We encourage and develop a strong sense of teamwork, self esteem and respect in our students. Hard work and spirit are recognized and rewarded.


Students are promoted as they progress. - not according to a fixed schedule. We believe that all students progress at individual rates and that competence and spirit are the main criteria for advancement.


Feel free to visit us and take in a class (Tuesday or Thursday only) as an observer or participant. No experience required and the first week is free. Loose clothing and a willing attitude is all you need. For information about class times and fees see the dojo page.