Dojo Information

Guelph Kudaka Karate  

Dojo Information


Class Schedule:

Tuesday and Thursday: 

Junior Kids  age 6 -10        5:00 - 6:00 P.M

Intermediate Kids 10-16    6:00 - 7:00 P.M

Adults 7: 00 - 9:00P.M

 Saturdays Open Class

 10:00 - 11:00


Karate classes are one hour for kids and 1.5 hours for adults 3 times per week.

Karate Kids Classes - 70.00 per month - 6 months 400.00 - 1 year 750.00

2 or more children - 125.00 per month - 6 months 675.00 - 1 year 1200.00


Dues are payable monthly and are due the last week of classes before the new month.

There are no fees for belt testing, no hidden fees, no membership costs. At some point the student will need to purchase a gi and a patch. We try to keep tournament costs reasonable, but if the student wants to compete they will be responsible for entry fees and the like.

The first week is free - this is a trial period, for both the students and the instructors.  We teach because we enjoy it and because we believe that martial arts can be a positive influence on individuals. For that reason we do not accept students that are not a good fit with the dojo.

The expectations of students coming into the dojo, with or without prior martial arts experience, are:

Positive attitude - this means a willingness to work hard, to learn and to listen. This also includes being respectful of the instructors and of the other students.

Regular attendance - no one can learn a martial art if they do not practice. One of the best places to practice is at the dojo where errors can be corrected.

A true desire to learn martial arts.

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