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Skin Check -Ringworm

Skin Check/ Ringworm

Communicable diseases, skin diseases, in particular, are a threat to wrestlers because of constant skin-to-skin contact and repeated minor abrasions. Skin diseases can sweep through a team unless the wrestlers are monitored and treated effectively. Preventative measures are of primary importance and require the cooperation of each wrestler, and very close observation of each coach. Skin diseases can not only hinder a wrestler but also cause him to be disqualified from competition.

Ringworm, also known as tinea, is not a worm but a contagious fungal disease of the skin. There are many types of ringworm, which can present in different areas of the body, including:

    Ringworm of the skin in general

    Ringworm of the beard and face

    Ringworm of the palms and fingers

    Ringworm in the groin

    Ringworm of the scalp

You can identify ringworm if you have patches of rough or blistered skin surrounded by a red ring. This skin disease, though, is easy to treat.

First-----------consult your doctor or and or clinic (no appointment needed) after school Guelph at Dawson road clinic or 21 Surrey St  clinic



Things you do to help with the infection...

 Apply an over-the-counter antifungal lotion or cream. Follow instructions on the package and use for one week.

    Prevent ringworm from spreading by wearing a bandage over the infected area to prevent skin contact with other parts of your body and passing on the fungus to other people.

    Change your clothes daily so your ringworm-affected area is clean and dry.

    Avoid swimming, as this will irritate the ringworm and also risk spreading it to others.

    Keep your personal items to yourself. Don’t share combs, brushes, or especially towels while you are infected.

    Supplement anti-fungal treatments with multivitamins and supplements that contain gamma-linolenic acid, also known as GLA.


You may also try some of these home remedies:


   - Dab apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball and press gently onto the ringworm.

   -Create a paste of white vinegar and salt. Apply nightly for one week.

   -If you have ringworm of the scalp, Use Selsun Blue


Improve your immune system to better fight the fungal infection. Rest, exercise, reduce stress, and eat superfoods such as leafy green vegetables and lean protein. Some people also swear by echinacea. You’ll likely see results from these easy treatments; however if your ringworm persists, consult your doctor.