Here you'll find all kinds of exciting and informative links to 
places and people in Guatemala. 
These should assist you as you prepare to travel with us in May! 

Read more about a previous trip in Counseling Today (November, 2008, pages 53-55)!

Read an article about multicultural counseling competency based on the 2008 Guatemala trip.

Find out more about traveling to Antigua.

This is the site for the U.S. Embassy's travel page for Guatemala. Here you'll find all the detail info about traveling in this Central American country.

Washington Office on Latin America - Promoting Human Rights, Democracy, and Social Justice. 

WINGS - Reproductive Healthcare for Every Guatemalan.

KIVA - Learn about the power of microloans, and how a small amount of money can radically change the life of a person in a third world country.

Sociedad Interamericana de Counseling - the Latin American counterpart of the ACA.

Find some tips on traveling here - what to bring, how to dress, etc.  

Listen to salsa and Latin music on this online radio station.

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