Guatemala Mission '07
Updates and News from the front lines of San Pedro

This page will contain important updates from Pastor Tim Krauss and Bianca Poms, leaders on this year's Junior High Missions trip to Guatemala. Parents are invited to check back often for correspondence and pictures of the trip.

July 14

We are on our way to the airport.  Our flight is at 2ish so we will see everyone soon!


July 13

PHOTO's!!!  Here is a link to LOTS of our pictures.  Please check it out - Photo Link

Here is our flight information for tomorrow.  Please pray for safety on the last leg of our journey.

Flight 538 United; Leaving DFW 2:05pm; Arriving ORD 4:30pm.

Parents: Please be at the church at 6:00pm to pick up your child.

See you tomorrow!!


July 12

Pictures at last!!


























July 11

Thank you so much for your prayers!  We had an excellent last day of ministry and the kids who were sick with diarhea are MUCH better!  During the day we did some door to door ministry and a prayer walk then last night we did the BBQ at the church.  It was a huge success - we had over 500 people come!  We did a drama and a lot of people committed their lives to Christ.  It was a great way for people to get to know the church and the pastor.  Three years ago there was a mudslide that wiped out a lot of the area and the majority of the members of the church were evacuated to refugee camps.  The church survived the mudslide but most of the members did not return to the area.  The church has been struggling since so the BBQ really brought the community and the church back together. 

Today is our free day and we are enjoying shopping in Panajachel.  We will be getting on the bus to head back to Guatemala city this afternoon.  Below are the flight details for tomorrow.  Please pray for safe travel and also for the local Christians in the San Pedro area.


July 12th:

Main Group:  Flight # AA2196; Leaving 8:42AM; Arriving DFW 1PM 

Group of Seven: Flight AA2128; Leaving 1:50PM; Arriving Miami 6:30PM; Flight #AA 855 Leaving Miami 10PM; Arriving DFW 11:50PM


July 9

Yesterday we went to a local church called Shalom Christian Center.  After the service we stayed and played with the kids.  There was a girl there named Alva who was deaf and mute so we prayed for her.  After we prayed she started speaking!  That night we went back to the church for an evening service and Alva was there and she said she could hear the praise and worship!

Today we had a full ministry day.  We dedicated the house we built and helped Manuela (a widow) and her family move into their new home.  We were also able to get the family housewarming gifts.  We did VBS this afternoon and 10-15 children committed their lives to Christ!

Tomorrow is our last ministry day we are going to do VBS and some door to door.  At night we are hosting a BBQ at the church for the entire neighborhood.

Wednesday is our free day where we will travel across the lake to a town to go shopping and siteseeing, Thursday we will travel back to Texas, Friday we will debrief at Teen Mania and then Saturday we fly home.

Please pray that our last day of ministry is powerful and that we finish well.  Also, several of our team have gotten diarrhea.  They are taking medication and doing better but please pray for total healing.  We praise God for what He has done - He has changed this town and changed us.


July 8

The team is doing great.  Yesterday we finished the house, we put the roof on.  So we were able to complete the house in three days!  Yesterday was our most effective ministry day so far.  We finished the house in the morning then we did VBS in the afternoon.  At the VBS yesterday 8-10 children made solid decisions for Christ.  The day before 10-15 came to Christ!  There were about 60 children at VBS yesterday.  

Last night our project did a missions talk for the team.  Each person then took a candle and placed it on a map of where they feel God is calling them to go.  At the end of the night the entire map was lit up! 

Today we are going to visit a local church.  Please pray for our last few days of ministry to be powerful! 


July 6

Yesterday was our first day of ministry.  We went to a nearby village called San Juan and started building a house.  We were able to get a lot accomplished on the house.  While there a lady came by who was blinded by cataracts.  I got three of the missionaries to pray for her and her sight was restored!  Praise the Lord!  She was a elderly Mayan lady so the interpretation of what we were doing had to go from English to Spanish to Mayan and then back again!  In the afternoon we had our first VBS and it went great.  There were 120 kids that came! 

The team is doing great and so excited to be here.  Thank you for your prayers.  I have not been able to upload pictures yet but hopefully I can get that figured out soon.  Here is a picture off the internet of Lake Atitlan in San Pedro.












July 5

We arrived safe in San Pedro last night.  It is beautiful here - like a movie set.  We are surrounded by mountains.  Today is our first ministry day.  We will be learning how to build a house this morning and then starting VBS this afternoon.


July 4

We arrived safely despite hours of weather delays.  We are about to start the bus ride to San Pedro.  I will not be able to have good phone and internet capabilities as we hoped so these updates may be more sporadic.  However as soon as I can I will send out updates. 


July 3: On The Way











We are on the way to the airport this morning. I have a small group of seven on a seperate flight to Miami then to Guatemala City.  The other 50 are on one flight direct to Guatemala City.

Training has been great and I feel prepared to do what God wants. The teens from church are excited and are ready to get there. Long day of travel and we arrive tonight in GC.

Pray for safe travel and Gods blessing on the trip.

Here are the flight details:

American Airlines FLIGHT 2195

Leaving DFW 5:45 PM, July 3rd

Arrive Guatemala City 7:55pm


We will be staying Tuesday night in Guatemala City at a ministry site camp called Impactaco.  Wednesday morning we will get up early and head to San Pedro via a four hour bus ride.


July 2



















We are having a great time learning and doing team building activities. We have our teams made and have our final meeting tonight. We leave tomorrow afternoon and are all very excited to get to Guatemala.


July 1

Today we had a great day of training for the tools we will be using in Guatemala. The teams learned the drama Ragman and did VBS workshops to get familiar with the kids ministry. We had some big thunderstorms and Texas sized rain but all managed to dry out.

We are now going to do evangelism training and learn to share our testimony. The team is doing well and are very excited to leave for Guatemala.


June 30











Our team just arrived safety praise the Lord. We had a great session tonight on getting right before God. Tomorrow we will be learning our ministry tools of VBS and drama.

Pray for our team to unify quickly and to become excellent at the tools.


June 29

Here is a picture of worship at Teen Mania.  Worship is an integral part to everything we are doing here.

We are really looking forward to seeing the team arrive tomorrow!



June 28

Biance and Jen at leadership training at Teen Mania in Garden Valley, TX.








June 28

Packing Update: You will not need to bring any hammers or saws with you.  In country we will be building with bricks.  This should help lighten your load! 


Tentative Itinerary:

  • Departure from Church in the Word: June 30th (arriving in Garden Valley, TX for training)
  • Departure from Texas for Guatemala: July 2nd
  • Departure from Guatemala for Texas (for debriefing): July 12th
  • Arrival home: July 14th

Reminder: The first few days of the trip will be spent in training at Global Expeditions training camp in Garden Valley, TX. There will also be a rally at the end of the trip in TX. The first day spent in Guatemala will be July 2nd.



There WILL be phone calls, but please understand if they are short and intermittant. We will be doing our best with the resources we have. Since phone calls are difficult to coordinate with over 50 teens in a remote area, this website will be updated regularly by Pastor Tim Krauss for parents of teens on the trip. Our goal is to have and update posted everyday.

Even though we will not be able to call regularly, if there is a family emergency and your teen must be reached, Pastor Tim will be carrying his cell phone (815-353-8311) for purposes of emergency ONLY.



           Pastor Tim Krauss, CITW

           Bianca Poms, Co-leader


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