Replanting Project
One one okra full basket is the Creole way of saying "The whole is
greater than the sum of its parts."  In the wake of hurricane Richard, this spirit has inspired an endeavor in the village to replace the former system of diverse private gardens with specialized gardens whose produce is shared by all growers.   
Creole Gial Cooking
Our own Miss Aretha and her family have authored a cookbook of traditional Kriol recipes for anyone to cook at home! Her delicious dishes are enjoyed by all of the visitors to Monkey Bay, so she has published them due to popular demand.
50% of each sale will go directly towards the La Democracia Scholarship Fund that supports village youth pursuing academic and vocational education.
Creole Gial Cooking will be available for purchase as a download here soon.
National Park
Our main goal is to acheive co-management rights of Monkey Bay National Park so that we may protect and cultivate the rich land that is our backyard.