This is IoT PBX for all! 

For Developers and clients with digital business!
Every device, extension, line trunk, call, voicemail msg, in Asterisk is a point to get info.
This tools and media open a new world of interactions for new solutions.
1 - What you want to know, Ask, or what you want manage about your BCS (Business Communication System)
2- All the info can go to the fly to the cloud...
3- Your process and Apps can connect to cloud with webservices and play the game of new Solutions in the Ecosystem for Asterisk.
Are you ready for the next? ... Coming soon!
We are in the route, come with us!
Starting with:
- Enriched and elaborated CDR for Call Metering and Accounting and to get enrich data backup.
- Events "No Answer Call" / "Abandoned Calls" in IVR/DID
- Events Spy
- Event "Answer for Incoming Calls" (CallerID +  Extension/Queue in call)
- Metrics and data from Monitor Call Center
- Event Alarms for trigger in Time, Cost, Number of Call (Inc,/Out) in Extension and line Trunk
- Info in real time for built Apps like DSS/BLF, Operator Console and others tools for Agents
- Dialer Input (Extension/Queue, #toDial)
- Dashboard for Alarms in the Asterisk System.
- Dashboard for Extensions and Trunks
- Dashboard for Calls in real time
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This is IoT PBX for all


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