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Why use Asterisk Guardian?

The ecosystem Asterisk-Guardian is a unique and exclusive product all-in-one for Asterisk.

This connects via the AMI channel with Asterisk and builds a virtual image of the inner states of operation of Asterisk.

Once you know the internal status of all Extensions and Lines you can show and see in real time the entire operation of Asterisk.

The connection is two-way, then many applications can be built on this foundation.

The power of Asterisk is now shown, complemented and controlled.

This is a very good multipurpose product!

Take all control over your Asterisk VoIP System !

 Operational Environment for Asterisk Guardian 

- Views of all Operation of Asterisk, Lines, Extensions and IVR.

- Documental Management of all the calls. (Metering /Accounting)

- Framework of Security for the System (Alarms, Configs, Var, Offsets and other).

- Specific Productivity (Call Center), in shortly time(Dialer, CallBack Service).

- Connector to other Apps.

We help to see the Asterisk System in a new wide view of outlook, more secure, more clear, more transparent and as allways very usefull for the intense and intelligent task of communications in the business environment.

We have solutions for Asterisk Appliances with versions 11 and 13

Feel free to know more about this excelent product.

Our Experience Shows!

We are in the development of software for telecommunications systems for the last 20 years.

Our primary target was Metering Call (SMDR/CDR) and Monitoring and report for Call Center.

Now we play all the knowledge and expertice in the Asterisk fields too.

Our product "PABXControl NGX" was licenced for the best commercial brands, Alcatel, AT&T, Bosch, Ericsson, NEC, Nortel, Panasonic Samsung and Siemens/Unify.

Now we are ready for the next wave and carry out all the charge.

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