Parent Handbook

    Guardian Angel-St. Boniface School
   P.O. Box 48                                                                                                                                                                                                  Rev. Joseph Sullivan, Pastor
   306 Steptoe                                                                                                                                                                                                           Lori Becker, Principal

                         Colton, WA 99113

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Mission Statement


Guardian Angel - St. Boniface School is dedicated to nurturing children in their spiritual growth and fostering their full academic potential, while promoting individual responsibility and respect for themselves and others within a Catholic learning environment.



Philosophy Statement


Guardian Angel - St. Boniface embraces its primary responsibility to teach our children about the existence of God’s love through education, faith and prayer.



We believe   the purpose of Catholic education is to educate the whole child based in Christian values and Catholic faith tradition.


We believe   parents have the primary responsibility for the education and Christian formation of their children.


We believe   teachers facilitate the academic, physical, social, spiritual, and moral potential of each child.


We believe  in providing an emotionally, physically and spiritually safe environment for the children entrusted to our care.


We believe   that faith is a divine gift to be celebrated and nurtured.


We believe   every person is created in the image and likeness of God, and therefore has the right to be treated with respect, kindness, and dignity.


We believe   in educating for cultural and global awareness and in educating the child to lead a life of justice.


We believe   in preparing our students for life as active and responsible members of family, church, community and society.



Student Learning Expectations


Guardian Angel - St. Boniface School Graduates Are:

1.                    Active Christians Who:

a.        Can articulate and explain their Catholic Faith.

b.        Practice both traditional and spontaneous prayer to strengthen their spirituality

c.        Participate as active members and leaders in their Parish and faith community.

d.        Can display the courage to defend what is moral and ethical.

e.        Honor the teachings of the Gospel in their daily actions.


2.                    Responsible Citizens Who:

a.        Show respect for self, others, God, Church, authority, and property.

b.        Live out the values of courtesy and cooperation.

c.        Respect personal differences.

d.        Reflect upon and practice acceptance of our multicultural society.

e.        Practice their basic civic responsibilities.


3.                    Life Long Learners Who:

a.        Demonstrate curiosity and enthusiasm for learning

b.        Read, write and utilize other forms of expression.

c.        Plan, set, and work toward goals effectively.

d.        Practice effective study skills.

e.        Assess their own performances by focusing on strengths and weaknesses relative to their personal improvement.


4.                    Effective Communicators Who:

a.        Articulate ideas clearly, creatively, and effectively.

b.        Speak publicly with confidence and poise.

c.        Express written thoughts clearly in accordance with the six trait writing model.

d.        Are active listeners.

e.        Express thoughtful opinions and work cooperatively with others.


5.                    Problem Solvers Who:

a.        Work independently and collaboratively to create solutions.

b.        Analyze, consider alternatives and make good, effective moral choices.

c.        Resolve conflicts peacefully.

d.        Think critically, act decisively, and responsibly accept the outcome.



Guardian Angel - St. Boniface’s Character Education Program


The Character Education program is focused on helping our students develop:

Ø  A positive sense of self

Ø  Positive interactions with peers

Ø  A strong sense of community at Guardian Angel St. Boniface School


The following character traits will be emphasized throughout the school year:



Responsibility- October

Cooperation- November

Tolerance- December


Trustworthiness- February

Self-Discipline- March

Fairness- April



General Organization and Services

Guardian Angel - St. Boniface School (GASB) holds classes for students in grades Kindergarten through eighth and is  part of the Spokane Diocese. Guardian Angel - St. Boniface School is a nationally accredited elementary school through the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools.

We are also a member of the National Catholic Educational Association and the Western Catholic Educational Association. Guardian Angel - St. Boniface School seeks to achieve the highest standards of academic excellence. Our school offers a strong curriculum and prepares its students to meet or exceed the educational standards set by the Washington State Department of Education. Guardian Angel - St. Boniface School is dedicated to working cooperatively with the Colton Public School in fulfilling the responsibility of educating the children of our community. 


Guardian Angel - St. Boniface School is obligated to provide a Catholic Education for the children of St. Gall and St. Boniface parishes.  Children from other Catholic Churches, siblings of students already attending and students in our surrounding communities will be admitted until a limit of 20 students per classroom is reached.  The maximum size for our school is 80 students.


Guardian Angel - St. Boniface School is advised by the School Advisory Council.  The Advisory Council advises the parish priest and school principal on matters of finance, policy, selection of personnel and curriculum.    The principal of GASB School is a professional faith leader, instructional leader, administrator and communicator in the school community.  The principal is accountable to the pastor and the Diocesan Superintendent of Schools for the administration and supervision of the school in conformity with Diocesan and local school policies.


Guardian Angel - St. Boniface School admits students of any race, creed, color, and national or ethnic origins.


Discipline at Guardian - Angel St. Boniface
GASB School is a distinct school; it is Christ-centered.  The discipline, therefore, will follow Christian principles and is based on the proper balance of Law and Gospel.

Self-discipline is the goal of the modern classroom.  Children need to understand the society about them so that they can find a place in it for themselves.  Developing a wholesome sense of self-worth will help children come to terms with their world and further their own unique relationship with God.  A child, who has accepted himself as a child of God, has worth and doesn’t find it necessary to continually bid for the attention and approval of those about him.


At times children need some special guidance and correction as they develop and grow.  For the child who is chronically disobedient at school, continually disturbs the efforts of teachers and students around them, inhibits others ability to learn, or one who commits acts which indicate an unwillingness to conform to the will of God as set forth in the Ten Commandments, the following strategies dependent upon a true Christian love for the child will be followed:

1.  The teacher will give guidance and counseling according to the assertive discipline schedule designed for the student’s classroom.

2.   If after the first effort at Christian guidance there is no change in the behavior or attitude, or if the seriousness of the misbehavior warrants, the teacher will advise the parent and principal of the situation. A parent conference may be called at this stage.  An appropriate consequence such as before or after school detention may be assigned to the student.

3.   If the inappropriate student behavior continues, the student, parents and teacher will meet with the principal to assess the seriousness of the offense and to determine the appropriate and reasonable consequence.  Suspension from class or school will be an option at this stage of the discipline process. 

4.  Grounds for suspension include but are not limited to the following infractions when such behaviors occur at school related functions:

1.        Serious and willful destruction of property.

2.        Repeated and open disrespect for teachers, school authorities, or other students.

3.        Repeated disobedience of school rules after sufficient warning to students and parents.

4.        Moral or legal infractions injurious to oneself or others.

5.        Possession, use, sale or transfer of alcohol or other drugs.

6.        Serious and/or repeated stealing.

7.        Possession of firearms or dangerous weapons on school grounds

The principal shall have the right to suspend a student from classes for a period of one to three days in cases of an emergency, provided the student has had an opportunity to present his/her case before the principal and the teacher.

In the event all cooperative efforts of supportive discipline fail, the principal may, after consultation with the Pastor, recommend expulsion.  In addition, three suspensions in a school year can result in expulsion.

Grounds for expulsion include but are not limited to:

1.        Moral and physical danger to another person.

2.        Prolonged and open disregard for school authority.

3.        Sustained misconduct, which interrupts the learning environment.

4.        Specific violation of state laws regarding violence, drugs, or weapons.
Appeal Procedure

A decision to expel a student shall not be made without a proper hearing of evidence from the parent, student, school personnel, Principal and Pastor. The following are the steps used in the appellate process:

1.        In the event the principal finds cause for long-term suspension (4 or more days) or expulsion of a student, the principal shall set in writing to the parents the following information:

a.        The main cause for suspension/expulsion of the student.

b.        The school/diocesan policy on suspension/expulsion.

c.        A copy of the Student Appeal Procedure.

d.        The date and time for a hearing.

2.        A hearing, at which the student and parents have a right to meet with the teacher and the Principal shall be held within two days of the notification sent to parents.  The Principal shall make a decision and put in writing the reason for and the duration and conditions to a suspension/expulsion or the conditions for remaining at school.  A copy shall be sent to parents and a copy placed in the student’s file.

3.        Parents shall have the right to appeal the decision of the principal to an Appeal’s Committee, comprised of two teachers, not directly involved with the student, and the Pastor.  Parents shall submit a written request to the Committee within 2 (two) school days of notification of the suspension/expulsion.   The Appeals Committee shall arrange for a hearing at which the student, parents, teacher and principal are present and given the right to be heard.

4.        The recommendation of the Appeal’s Committee shall be rendered within 5 (five) days of receipt of the written request.  A written statement, supporting the administrative decision or recommending that the decision be reconsidered, with reasons outlined, shall be given to the Principal and parents by the Appeal’s Committee.

5.        Parents may appeal once more to the Appeal’s Committee if they have new data concerning the case, or evidence of a change of attitude on the part of the student.  Based upon new information or conditions, the Appeal’s Committee will determine if an additional appeal is valid. (Follow Step #3).

6.        The School Advisory Committee will be notified of any suspension or expulsion as soon as possible.  A record of this action will be placed in the student’s record. 

GASB School Rules

1.        Fighting and/or hitting are not tolerated.

2.        Running and/or shouting in the hallways is forbidden.

3.        Use of profanity is not tolerated.

4.        Disruptive behavior is forbidden. Students are expected to obey classroom directions at all times.

5.        Gum chewing is not permitted.

6.        Radios, music players (e.i. iPods, MP3s, Zunes), video games, cameras, phones, toys and other items are not permitted on school premises unless directed by a teacher.

7.        Students may not sell items for outside organizations at school.

8.        Drugs, knives, guns, tobacco, matches, or lighters are not permitted.

9.        Bullying (intimidation, antagonistic behavior) or any other inappropriate behavior by any student is not permitted.

* All students are expected to use the abilities God gave them. These rules apply to all times when students are at school or at school-sponsored events.


Anti-Bullying/Harassment Policy


All individuals and guests at GASB School are to be treated with respect and dignity. GASB School must be an environment that is free from harassment, intimidation, threat, and violence. It is a violation of standards for a student, staff member, parent or visitor to bully or harass a person through conduct or communication that is demeaning or physically harmful.

Each start of the school year, the principal and teachers will review the school’s policy with the students and provide them information detailing the standards and expectations for a safe school climate.  Both student and parent will sign the form and return it to the classroom teacher.

Harassment directed toward an individual or group of individuals is considered to be words and/or actions that intimidates, degrades, and/or fails to respect another person’s dignity.  Harassment includes, but is not limited to, person’s age, sex, race, religion or ethnic origin.  Verbal comments,  sexual name-calling, gestures, jokes, slurs, and spreading sexual rumors directed toward an individual or group are also considered harassment.  Sexual harassment is defined as an unwelcome sexual advance, request for sexual favors, or other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature.  Physical threats (ex. “I will kill you”) will be confronted in a serious manner and may include suspension from school.  By law, any threat of violence will be reported to the Whitman County Juvenile Department for investigation.

The consequences for harassment can result in suspension or expulsion from school and/or referral to law enforcement agencies.
Absence Report Policy
If satisfactory progress is to be made by a student, regular attendance is a must.  Each of the 180 school days of the year is important.  Please keep this in mind when making plans for medical or dental appointments, vacations, or deciding in general whether to let your child stay at home.  The absentee is always disadvantaged because it is impossible for teachers to repeat the experiences of oral class.

The Student Advisory Counsel has a written policy regarding absences as follows:

1.        Parents are to contact the school indicating their child is absent.

2.        In order for the absentee to be excused, a written excuse is required for each absence.  These excuses must be dated, with the reason of absence stated. Parents may email notes to GASB as long as the school can confirm that it has been sent from the parents. If a child has not shown for class and there has not been any notice to the school office, a phone call will be made to the parents.

3.        The absentee is expected to ask for make-up work and hand it in for correction within the teachers’ specified time frame.

4.        Dentist and doctor appointments are to be made outside of school hours if possible.  Teacher in-service days are suggested, as are holiday vacations.

5.        All assignments missed while the student is absent must be completed in full.  Assignments from excused absences will receive full credit when received in a teacher specified time frame.

6.        Assignments from unexcused absences can receive less than full credit.

7.        After 10 absences a letter will be mailed indicating a concern.

8.        After a child has reached 15 days, a teacher, parent, and student conference will be called by the Principal.

9.        All students are expected to be at school by 8:15 to begin the day.  Students arriving after 8:20 will be considered tardy. 

Homework Policy
Homework at Guardian Angel-St. Boniface School is reviewed as an essential element in the total educational program. This work often involves the completion of learning activities or special learning projects that are begun at school.  Sometimes it is designed to involve parents as aides in their child’s education.  It also aids in teaching a child responsibility, time management, and prepares them for long-term projects that will be expected from them in their future education.
In order to make homework time at home more enjoyable, please review the following recommendations:

1.        Provide your child with a quiet, distraction free place to study.

2.        Limit the length of homework sessions to 15 or 20 minutes and stop for a brief break.

3.        Don’t allow your child to divert your attention to unrelated subjects.

4.        Praise your child for his or her efforts.  Provide as much positive encouragement as possible.

5.        Don’t do the work for your child.  While you may help with instruction, she/he must do the work to reinforce the skills being taught.

6.        Encourage your child to ask assignment related questions of the teacher.

7.        Before a child leaves school for the day, she/he is responsible for understanding and obtaining clarification on assignments from the teacher if necessary.

8.        Homework for absent children may be picked up at 3:00 pm in order to accommodate the teachers’ responsibility to meet the instructional needs of their students in attendance.

9.        Assignments should meet high standards of neatness and accuracy.

10.     Children are expected to complete their assignment notebook and use it daily.

11.     Parents should check their child’s assignment notebook for assignment instructions.

Test Retake Policy

Students who receive below a 77% on any given test will retake the test to improve their score up to a 77%.  It is important that each child improve their knowledge therefore they are given the chance to retake a test. However, if a student retakes a test and receives a lower grade on the second occasion, the lower grade will be recorded and the student will be required to retake the test until they receive a 77% or better. 


Tests may be retaken before or after school in accordance with your child’s teacher. 

GASB Grading Policy
The following standards for grading and evaluation of pupil and evaluation of pupil performance on assignments, projects and examinations will be used:













Below 70=F

Registration and Tuition

Registration Fee: $150.00 per student.  This fee is due at the beginning of the school year.  

Tuition: The annual tuition schedule at GASB School is:


Cost for one child                                                    $2,550.00                ($212.50 monthly)      

Cost for two children                                              $4,050.00                ($337.50 monthly)

Cost for three children or more                               $4,950.00                ($412.50 monthly)      

Method of Payment

1.        Payment in full by September 15th.

2.        Payment on the 5th of each month

3.        Payment in quarterly installments. (Sept. 5; Jan. 5, Mar.5, June 5)

A family that does not have the financial resources will not be turned away from a Catholic education.  Scholarships and provisions are available for special circumstances.  The confidentiality of any such arrangements will be strictly maintained between the family and the Pastor. Any questions or discussions about payment of tuition fees should be directed to the Pastor.



Religious Expectations of Students

The goal of Guardian Angel - St. Boniface School is to educate students to think, act and live in a way that reflects Catholic values and attitudes.  In achieving this goal we have the following religious expectations for students:

1.          Catholic students are expected to fulfill their Sunday Mass obligation.

2.          Catholic students are expected to desire to receive the various Sacraments made available to them during their participation in our religion classes.

3.          Catholic students are expected to participate in preparation of liturgies.

4.          All students at GASB will attend the school’s weekly mass.

5.          Students are expected to be aware of their obligation to help promote peace and justice in their families, communities, and throughout the world.

6.          Students are expected to act toward one another, toward teachers, and toward property with respect and charity.  The Christian manner of dealing with one another should be manifested in their use of language, honesty, good sportsmanship, and concern for one another.

Spiritual Activities

Mass: Students will have the opportunity to celebrate the Eucharist one day each week, normally at our regular scheduled Friday Mass at 10:30 am at St. Gall.  GASB children will participate in all aspects of Mass - readings, petitions, serving, gift bearers, greeters and ushers. 

Penance: Opportunities to celebrate the Sacrament of Penance will be provided during school hours during Advent and Lent.

Stations and Rosary: Experiences with traditional prayer forms, such as Stations of the Cross and the Rosary, will be provided seasonally.

Shared Time Policy #6141

Grades 5 & 6 participate in Beginning/Intermediate Band at the Colton Public School, alternating Monday/Wednesday, and Tuesday/Thursday from 8:30-9:10am.

Grades 7 & 8 participate at the Colton Public School each day following a 12:40pm dismissal from classes at GASB.  Students are transported to attend classes in band, science, and an elective.

Field Trips Policy #6153

Field trips are scheduled during regular school hours with transportation provided by parents.  A form for PARENTS PERMISSION is sent home prior to each field trip.  This permission is necessary for any student to participate. Educational field trips are recognized as a ‘hands on’ learning experience for students.  Teachers search out experiences appropriate to the grade’s curriculum, level of student’s maturity, and within a reasonable distance from the school.  The trip is to be approved by the Principal.

Transportation is provided by the parents.  Every child must have a seat belt, and be securely fastened during the entire transportation period.  Children requiring a car seat will be asked to provide one.

A parent letter/consent form giving details of the trip, specific things to be brought by the student, instructions that need to be given by the teacher and parent, is sent at least two weeks before the trip.

Volunteers for transportation will provide information on the number of seat belts available and the name and policy number of their auto liability insurance.  These forms will be signed by parents, returned to school and filed for the remainder of the year.

There will be at least a 1 to 10 adult/student ratio.



The Diocese has instituted an insurance program for coverage for every student at the nominal fee of $5.00 per student. For more information on student insurance please contact GASB.

Milk Program

Milk fees per student are $25.00. If your child wishes to have milk daily, please remit a check payable to Guardian Angel-St. Boniface School.


Hot lunches are offered to the students approximately twice a month. Each lunch is $2.50 per student. To start a lunch account you may send checks to GASB.


The library is open for check out of materials. REFERENCE BOOKS MAY NOT BE TAKEN FROM THE SCHOOL BUILDING. We ask the parents’ help to see that library books are returned promptly.  Students who are continually negligent in caring for school books will be assessed for loss or damages.

State and Federal Benefits

Chapter I: Our students in need of remedial reading or math are serviced through attendance at the Resource Room at Colton Public School.  Federal funds for Chapter I and State funds for special education are provided for this program.

Title I: Funds are allotted yearly through Colton Public School in proportion to student population.  These funds can be used for the purchase of library and audio-visual materials, teaching purposes and in-service.

Public Law 94-142: A professional psychologist is available to our school through Colton Public School upon referral. 

Speech, vision, hearing, special education, and handicapped programs are also available.

Counseling and Guidance

Teachers work closely with parents to help students set goals that develop all aspects of personhood: the spiritual, social, and physical well-being, as well as the mental.  Emphasis is placed on personal responsibility and a healthy self-concept.  We seek to develop skills that students need for effective personal adjustment, strong interpersonal relationships, and success in academic endeavors and other life challenges.

Human Sexuality – The curriculum at Guardian Angel-St. Boniface School will include instruction in Sex Education according to Diocesan Policy #6142.1.

HIV/AIDS Education – Guardian Angel/St. Boniface School will assist parents in giving students a comprehensive education concerning AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.  The curriculum will include information about prevention, symptoms, methods of transmission, and compassion for victims of these diseases, as well as decision-making and coping skills.

Instruction in AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases will span grades 5-8.  It shall follow state-approved guidelines.  This instruction will be presented by the School Nurse.  Specific materials for use in instruction shall be selected by a committee including principal, parish priest, faculty members, parents, and the school nurse.  The selection will be recommended to the School Advisory Council for adoption.

Parents shall be offered an opportunity to review the curriculum prior to classroom presentations.  In compliance with State law, parents may request their students not be required to attend the classroom presentations if they have attended the curriculum review presented by the school nurse.


Extra Curricular Activities

Sports:  Students in grades 6, 7, and 8 may participate in Junior High sports programs sponsored by Colton Public School.  These include football, basketball and baseball for the boys and basketball and volleyball for the girls.

Fine Arts:  Students who excel in poetry, essay writing, posters, and art have opportunities to participate in numerous contests.

Admission of Students Policy #5111

Students of any race, color, sex, national and ethnic origin, or religious belief shall be accepted in accord with Diocesan Policy #5111.  Students of another religious belief must be willing to abide by the existing philosophy, policies, and regulations.  Such students may be excused from Catholic religious practices, but the staff will not be expected to provide special activities for those students.

The registration of your children in Guardian Angel - St. Boniface School means that you are willing to comply with the programs and policies of the school and participate actively in adult activities which support the school and its programs.  Registration at GASB also means compliance with the school policy of sharing pertinent student information on social and academic performance, assessment and behavior records in the student file with the Colton Public School for the transition of our shared students in grades 7 & 8.

Parents desiring to register students at Guardian Angel - St. Boniface School should contact the school office.

Athletics Policy #6145.2

Athletic programs will be suited to the needs and abilities of elementary school age students and will contribute to their development.  They shall endeavor to build a system of strong Christian values by placing strong emphasis on sportsmanship, companionship (among team members and team members of different schools), and physical skill through technique and training.

Athletics Local Advisory Policy #6143.2

All eligible members of the team will participate in each game.  Children mature at different ages.  They need an opportunity to practice athletic skills by game participation at the elementary school level.  We believe winning by a few players is not as important as developing the skills and confidence of all participants.

Any students participating in any sports program must maintain satisfactory academic standing.  If a student’s efforts are not satisfactory, the teacher will notify the principal, the student, the coach and the parents.  If sufficient improvement is not reached within one week, the principal will have the right to remove the student from practice and games for such time as is necessary.

Coaches and players will use proper language, respect property, treat all players respectfully, and otherwise uphold Christian values.

We back the coach’s position in enforcing discipline and establishing requirements for attendance and active participation at practice.

We believe understanding by the coaches is essential if any of the participants have other commitments.

Each athlete/participant must be in attendance at school for at least one-half of the school day of a contest or practice.

Conflict of interest in extra-curricular activities is to be resolved between parents, students and coach.

Dismissal for games will ordinarily not be before 1:30 pm.  No dismissal before 12:00 noon.

It is the responsibility of the head coach of any sport to notify the students and parents as to length of the practice during the season.  Notification by the coach to parents shall be done before the season starts by written communication.

When using our facility, the coaches are expected to supervise the students from the beginning of practice until the last student leaves the building.

In event of a specific problem, the principal will be responsible for informing those in charge of that sport program.  If, after repeated complaints, no action is taken to correct the problems, the School Advisory Council reserves the right to withdraw our students from participation.


Students in grades 5 through 8 participate in the Elementary or Junior High Band at Colton Public School.  Each band member is responsible for his/her own instrument.  Students will be transported to and from the Public School.

Bus Rules

The vehicle driver has authority and responsibility for the behavior of students using school district transportation.  Students shall conduct themselves in accordance with the following rules and regulations.  The right to use school district transportation may be denied a student who violates these rules and regulations.

Loading and Unloading

1.        Students must never approach a bus until it has come to a complete stop and the access doors have been opened.

2.        Students shall cross the roadway only when the driver gives approval and the crossing must be only in front of and never behind the bus.

3.        A student shall not be allowed to depart the vehicle other than at his or her boarding or alighting place unless permission if first obtained.

4.        Articles which may be hazardous in the event of an accident or an emergency stop and articles hazardous in and of themselves which could cause injury to passengers shall not be transported in the passenger area of any school vehicle.  The driver shall determine which articles are hazardous and are not to be transported in the passenger area of the vehicle.

5.        Except for seeing eye dogs, no animal, reptile, fish or fowl is permitted on school vehicles.

General Bus Rules

1.        Students shall not be allowed to stand when the vehicle is in motion.

2.        The driver may require that students follow an assigned seating pattern.

3.        Windows may be opened only with permission of the driver and when opened, no student shall extend any part of his or her body beyond the window ledge.

4.        Students shall not eat or drink on the bus and they shall not throw refuse in the bus or out of the bus windows.

5.        No student will smoke, light matches or lighters or use any type of flame or sparking devise on the bus.

6.        Excessive noise and loud behavior is not permitted and except when absolutely necessary, students shall refrain from talking to the driver when the vehicle is in motion.

7.        Students shall not sit in the driver’s seat and students shall not tamper with any emergency doors, windows, or equipment unless emergency conditions exist or while emergency exit drills are being conducted.

8.        The school will not be responsible for any children on the school grounds before the first bus arrives or after the last bus leaves.

Closing of School Policy #5142.2

Whenever it is necessary to cancel school due to weather conditions, Guardian Angel - St. Boniface will follow the closing announcement given by the Public School Administration and abide by regulations distributed each winter.  The announcement will be on the local radio stations and will state, “The Colton Schools….” In case of emergency, school may close early.  Parents should have alternative places for children to be let off the buses in the event that buses run on emergency routes only.  Students will be returned to their homes only if a supervisor and/or vehicle is present to receive them when they leave the bus.  High school students who drive should pick up Guardian Angel - St. Boniface children at our building.

School will be dismissed at 11:15 on early release days.


Immunization Policy - #5141.2

As a condition for attending school, students shall present evidence of having been immunized against the following diseases:  Diphtheria, Pertussis (Whooping Cough), Poliomyelitis, Measles, Rubella, Mumps, and Tetanus.  A student satisfies the Measles requirement upon physician’s verification that the student has had Measles (Rubella).

Upon initial enrollment, a certificate of immunization status, distributed by the Washington Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS), shall be completed by the student’s parents.  The certificate shall be made a part of the student’s permanent record.

Exemption from one or more vaccine shall be granted for medical reasons upon certification by a physician that there is medical reason for not administering the vaccine.  Exemptions for personal or religious reasons shall be granted upon request of the parent.  The permanent file of students with exemption shall be marked for easy identification should the Department of Health order that exempted students be excluded from school temporarily during an epidemic.

Parents are requested to keep children home who appear to be ill in the morning.  Only in exceptional cases will children be allowed to remain in the classroom while the rest of the class is on the playground.  If a child becomes ill during the day, we shall notify the parents.  The school should be provided with an emergency telephone number that may be used if parents cannot be reached at home.  Forms will be provided at the beginning of the year for this purpose.

Cleanliness is an important factor for maintaining good health.  We ask that children come to school neat and clean.

Administering Medication – Policy #5141.4

Whenever a health condition requires that a student receive medication during the school day, authorization shall be received from the child’s parent or legal guardian which will include signed, written orders, and instruction from the child’s physician for administering such medication.  The orders shall be current, obtained at least yearly, and reviewed and updated whenever there is significant change in the child’s school activity program.  Only medication in the containers appropriately labeled by a physician or pharmacist will be acceptable by the school.  Such medication must be kept in a restricted room and be administered by the principal or designated person.


Money sent to school should be in an envelope clearly marked with the name of the child, the amount, and the purpose for which it is designated.


Party invitations may not be delivered at school or on the school bus unless all the children in a class are invited. Parties held in school for any occasion must have the approval of the school principal.


Children are permitted to ride bikes to school, provided they are parked in the designated area upon arriva1. Bike riding around the building is not allowed during recess periods or before school.

Roller skates, roller blades, skateboards, and boomerangs are not allowed on the school grounds during school hours.

Snowballing is not permitted on school grounds. Parents are asked to remind their children to avoid throwing snowballs at anyone.

Students are never allowed to throw stones and/or other hard objects at others.

Rough games or play of any kind are not permitted. This includes wrestling, tackle football, throwing balls AT another person and tag games in which clothing may be torn.

Playground equipment is to be used as intended. This means no standing/twisting on swings.

Student Safety Policy #5142

Students leaving Guardian Angel - St. Boniface school grounds for classes at the Colton Public school will cross the highway with the crossing guard.  Individual students needing to be at the Colton Public School other than regularly scheduled times will be transported.  Arrangements will be made between the Principal of Guardian Angel - St. Boniface School and a respective staff person at the Colton Public School.

Student Safety Patrol Policy #5142.1

School Patrol is organized in the 5th and 6th grade classroom under the direction of that teacher in conjunction with the local policeman.  It is the patrol’s responsibility to safely conduct the students to the Colton Public School. It is the students’ responsibility to remain in lines.

Student Evaluation – Parent/teacher Communication

Report cards are issued in grades K through 8 each quarter.  The report your child receives is an honest effort on the part of the school to inform you of the quality of work your child is doing.  Please consider the report carefully so that the child can sense the cooperation and interest of both the school and the home in his/her achievement.

Parent-teacher conferences are held at the end of first and third quarters and are for the purpose of discussing the progress of the child.  It is an attempt on the part of the school to bring into closer relationship the teacher and the parents.  A parent or teacher may request a parent-teacher conference at any time.

When parents have a question about classroom procedures or the teacher/student relationship, they should consult the teacher first; then, if necessary, contact the school principal.


Except in cases of necessity neither teacher nor pupils should be called to the telephone during school hours.  Teachers may be contacted preferably before or after school. Students may use the telephone with permission from their teacher/principal for good reason.  The use of cell phones by students is forbidden during school hours unless the teacher has given permission.

Messages may be left with the secretary or the person who answers the telephone.  Confidential information SHOULD NOT be left on the answering machine, rather a brief message requesting a return phone call is preferred. 


Emergency Drills   (Fire, Bomb, Earthquake, Storm, etc.)

Fire regulations require nine fire drills a year.  These drills are carried out during favorable weather in the spring and fall.  Each class moves to their designated area in silence.  All persons in the building are required to leave at the sound of the fire bell.  Fire drill procedures will be used when any emergency arises requiring the evacuation of the building. The center room and passage by the 7/8 grade room will be used in storm emergencies.

Civil Defense emergencies will follow the local warning signals.  All students must be kept at school during an actual raid.  The school will care for the children while at school during an emergency.

Parent Involvement and Volunteer Services

As a Catholic school, GASB relies heavily upon  appropriate funding and budgeting for its operational and educational responsibilities.  One of the major expectations for parents is the volunteering of services and time to the school functions, fundraisers and activities during the school year.

The leadership of parent involvement is provided through the Student Advisory Council and the Home and School Association.

The SCHOOL ADVISORY COUNCIL has for its purpose to provide suggestions and guidance to the Pastor and Principal on policies and procedures which govern the operations of Guardian Angel – St Boniface School. The School Advisory Council also approves and evaluates the management of the annual school budget.  The budget is submitted to the Parish Councils for final approval.  The School Advisory Council requires a minimum of 20 hours of volunteer work from each family/parent during the school year.  Its membership consists of the Pastor, Principal, one member from each Parish Council, and two elected lay members, one from each parish. In addition, the Home and School President, a Finance Committee member and the school secretary will be in attendance. 

The HOME AND SCHOOL ASSOCIATION has for its purpose to work with the school to raise funds to carry out these programs; and to promote Christian ideals in the school, home and community. The major fundraising event sponsored by the Home and School Association is the Annual Steak and Wine Dinner/Auction/Raffle/Casino. This event serves as the major fundraising activity for GASB.  This activity is comprised of several key committees of which all parents are obliged to support, participate and volunteer their services for the evenings’ success. Other fundraising activities that parents are expected to participate in include (but are not limited to) the following:

Wine Tasting Night

Magazine Drive

Gun Club Breakfast Sales

Additional Fundraising events as needed


The ROADRUNNER CLUB serves as the parent and community action team for GASB.  The main function is to engender the alumni and associates of GASB to provide financial support and giving for the academic and spiritual programs of the school.

Dress Code

School uniforms are not required by Guardian Angel – St. Boniface School.  Students are asked to wear their school shirt with khaki pants or skirt when attending School Mass or Field Trips.  In addition, no shorts are to be worn when students attend school mass.

The teachers and principal at GASB have the responsibility to establish an appropriate spiritual and academic climate for student success and safety.  Thus, school dress should be in keeping with the age of the students, the principals of Christian modesty and the dignity of the educational organization.  The principal may review the code with interested parties periodically after consultation with the School Advisory Council.

Additional Standards

§  Clothing should be modest, in good repair and clean.

§  Skirts and shorts must be no shorter than approximately two inches above the knee when standing.  Hemmed shorts can only be worn until October 1, and after May 1, unless conditions warrant.

§  Shirts, blouses will be long enough to fully cover the torsos.

§  Sundresses, tank tops, sleeveless shirts, excessively tight shirts, or excessively baggy clothing are inappropriate.  Mesh shirts will be worn over another shirt.

§  Shirts and other clothing with sayings and graphics shall be in keeping with Christian principles.  Graphics and logos that advertise alcohol, illegal drugs and/or inappropriate sayings/language are not allowed.

§  Administration and teachers reserve the right to ban clothing, make-up and other accessories that pose a distraction, a hazard or a disruption to the educational environment.