Student Learning Expectations
In addition to meeting Washington State Core requirements and Spokane Diocese academic requirements, GASB students will works towards, and master by their 8th grade graduation the following Student Learning Expectations (SLE's).

Guardian Angel - St. Boniface Graduates Are:


1.         Active Christians Who:

a.   can articulate and explain their Catholic Faith.

b.   practice both traditional and spontaneous prayer to strengthen
      their spirituality.
c.   participate as active members and leaders in their Parish and
      faith community.

d.   can display the courage to defend what is moral and ethical.

e.   honor the teachings of the Gospel in their daily actions.


2.         Responsible Citizens Who:

a.   show respect for self, others, God, Church, authority, and property.

b.   live out the values of courtesy and cooperation.

c.   respect personal differences.

d.   reflect upon and practice acceptance of our multicultural society.

e.   practice their basic civic responsibilities.


3.         Life Long Learners Who:

a.   demonstrate curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.

b.   read, write, and utilize other forms of expression.

c.   plan, set, and work toward goals effectively.

d.   practice effective study skills.

     e.   assess their own performances by focusing on strengths
           and weaknesses relative to their personal improvement.

f.    use technology for learning, communication and enjoyment.

g.   respect their well-being by demonstrating healthy practices.


4.         Effective Communicators Who:

a.   articulate ideas clearly, creatively, and effectively.

b.   speak publicly with confidence and poise.

c.   express written thoughts clearly in accordance with the six trait
      writing model.

d.   are active listeners.

e.   express thoughtful opinions and work cooperatively with others.

5.         Problem Solvers Who:

a.   work independently and collaboratively to create solutions.

b.   analyze, consider alternatives and make good, effective moral choices.

c.   resolve conflicts peacefully.

d.   think critically, act decisively, and responsibly accept the outcome.




Guardian Angel - St. Boniface’s Character Education Program 



The Character Education program is focused on helping our students develop:

Ø A positive sense of self   


Ø Positive interactions with peers


Ø A strong sense of community at Guardian Angel St. Boniface School

The following character traits will be emphasized throughout the school year:



Responsibility- October

Cooperation- November

Tolerance- December


Trustworthiness- February

Self-Discipline- March

Fairness- April