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Oriental & Area Rugs

Depending on the type of traffic your rug receives, it is a good idea to professionally clean your rug every 2-4 years. Rugs in high traffic areas need to be beaten and cleaned almost every year. If the rug is in an infrequently used room, then perhaps it can be cleaned every 5-10 years. 

Light colored carpets will show you when they need to be cleaned. Darker colored rugs subtly get dirty and you don’t notice it as much. Don’t put off cleaning if you want them to last.

Guaranteed Carpet Services can professionally clean your rug on site or at our facility. We use lots of water, not a lot of shampoo. (Never "dry clean" an oriental rug.)

Customer Comments

My oriental rugs look brand new after 20 years. - Diane Carlisi, York

We were pleased with what you have done for us so far with orientals and regular carpets – a very fair price also. - Mary Elizabeth Hartsog, Lancaster

General Maintenance of Your Area Rugs

  • Regular vacuuming.
  • Periodic "beating" as needed.
  • Professional Cleaning with plenty of water, not shampoo or dry cleaning.

Regular Vacuuming

  • Most rugs need weekly vacuuming in high use areas like entrance halls and the kitchen.
  • Monthly vacuuming in low use areas – bedrooms and formal areas.
  • More frequent vacuuming if you have pets, etc.
  • Don't use "Power Nozzle" on pile side (the face) of oriental or machine-made wool carpets as it may wear out fibers.

"Beating" the Rug: When and How

Dirt gets trapped in the pile and knots of your carpet. Vacuums do not get all of this deep dirt. Continued use of a carpet that contains common household soils and grit accelerates the wear of the carpet by literally cutting the fibers and encouraging mildew and moths. Regularly beating (see below) and cleaning an oriental rug preserves its life.

At least once a year, take hold of a corner, or other dirty looking part of your rug, and fold it over a piece of newspaper. Tap it vigorously from the back.  Do this in various parts of the rug. Any grit on the paper? If so, it needs a beating.

Take your carpet outside and lay it on a clean, dry surface (a deck, drive way, garage floor), and flip in over so that the back of the rug is up. Take a power nozzle vacuum and vacuum the back. If you hold it at just the correct angle you will feel a vibration. You are beating the carpet.  You may be amazed at the amount of dirt you see under the carpet. Remove the dirt, flip the carpet and vacuum the face of the rug. Repeat this process until no more dirt comes out.

Additional Care and Maintenance Tips for your Rugs

  • A good quality pad under your rug is essential for rug preservation. Pads stabilize the rug, minimize friction between the floor and rug, provide breathing space beneath the rug and add to sound absorption. Guaranteed Carpet Services can cut a pad to fit your rug. Call for more information.
  • Reduce the effects of wear by frequently rotating your rug 180 degrees and occasionally rearranging the layout of the room to alter traffic patterns across the rug.
  • A rug in use which is frequently moved and exposed to air and light is rarely in danger of moth damage.
  • Avoid displaying or storing the rug anywhere that is not dry and well ventilated. Dampness can cause mildew and deterioration of rug threads and fabric.
  • Avoid soaking the rug when cleaning spills.
  • Never place a planter on the rug unless an air circulation space exists between the container and the rug.
  • Exposure to sunlight and household fumes should be considered in placing the rug. Limit exposure to these elements when deciding where the rug will be displayed.
  • Continual exposure to sunlight will eventually cause color fading and increase the rug's brittleness.
  • Fumes from the stove, chimney and furnace create an acidity which will adversely effect the rug.