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Carpet & Flooring Repairs

Guaranteed Carpet Services
offers repair services on the following types of flooring issues:
  • Carpet Stretching: Are your carpets wrinkled like the photo at the right? Sometimes when carpets are installed incorrectly, or when your home is settling, it can cause bunching. Guaranteed Carpet Services' experienced technicians have the appropriate tools to fix your carpet.
  • Seam Repairs: If you have pets, floors that receive excessive wear and tear, or have had poor installation, your carpet may need repair to the seams. Our experienced technicians can fix the problem so your carpets are as good as new.
  • Carpet Patching: This is a process that we recommend if you have tears, burns, severe stains such as bleach, red stains, or rust stains, and you’re on a budget. We take remnants from your home, or from our stock of carpet, to replace that affected area to give your carpets that fresh new look.
  • Vinyl Repair: If your vinyl floor has pieces that are coming up, rips, metal thresholds, or areas that need patching, we can help with our vinyl repair solutions.
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