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Professional vs. Do It Yourself

While a good deep vacuum might remove most of the loose dirt and dust from your carpet, professional cleaning is needed to imbedded dirt and to remove spots and spills - coffee, soda, set-in mud, wine, or pet urine stains. Our professional equipment works by injecting hot moisture into your carpet, loosening stains and trapped particles, which can then be extracted out.

After we get done, slightly damp carpets are safe to walk on almost immediately and should be totally dry within 2 hours.

A rented Rug Doctor or Bissell is going to require many water changes, will not be able to clean as deeply, and will leave your carpets damp because they don't have the suction power to remove the water they lay down.

Dry (powder) cleaning products simply do not work effectively.

Read why hot water extraction is the most effective carpet cleaning method here.