In your home or office, clean carpets are beautiful and sanitary. While allergists used to tell people to remove carpet, we now know carpet acts as a filter for dust, pollen, and bacteria. Regular professional cleaning will keep your "carpet filter" performing optimally, your carpet warranty valid and extend the life of your carpet.

Guaranteed Carpet Services provides HydraMaster truck-mounted, hot water extraction cleaning. Area rugs can be cleaned on site or at our facility. Whether you need to keep your carpet warranty valid, or want to provide the healthiest environment for your family, we can help.


Every year we host a huge family Thanksgiving gathering. We have lived in our home for 7 years and had never had our carpet cleaned - and it was beginning to show!! We wanted to work with a locally-owned company and we found Guaranteed Carpet Services during a web search. We scheduled our cleaning early enough that we were able to get an appointment just 1 week before Thanksgiving.

On our scheduled date technicians Rafael and Marc arrived right on time. They were very friendly, and as we spoke I could tell they were very knowledgeable about carpet care. As they looked over my carpet they were able to tell me the make, style and quality of the carpet installed in my home. They told me what they were going to do, they moved some furniture, and they went right to work.  They did a great job, giving the hard-to-clean spots extra time and effort.  By the time they were done my carpet looked fantastic!! They moved all the furniture back, told me how to care for my newly-cleaned carpet and left me with some instructions.  When they left the house looked like they had never been there - except for the much improved looking carpet.

These guys are super professional, trustworthy, and they do an awesome job!! They are locally-owned and I thought their rates were better than the larger national carpet cleaning companies.  Rafael and Marc were great to work with, and my invoice did not include any hidden charges or 'extras', even though they spent extra time on my steps!!  We have decided to have our carpet cleaned at least once a year now, and we will definitely be calling Guaranteed Carpet Services to do the job.