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E-mail (if you have one):



Here are a few questions that we would like you to answer in order to understand how to better organize this English class.


1. What is your first language?


2. Do you speak any other languages?


3. How long have you been in the USA?


4. Do you work?


5. Do you speak English at your job or at home?


6. How many hours a week do you think you can dedicate to do homework and study at home?


7.Do you have the Internet connection at home?


8. Are you comfortable navigating the Internet?

9. Do you have an  e-mail?


10.Are you comfortable using it?


11. Do you know how to send attachments?


12.  This is an integrated skills class: this means that we will work on speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammar. Could you scale from 1 to 5 (one being the most important and 5 the less important) on what you feel you need more help with?

________Listening ;______  Speaking; _______ Reading; ______ Writing; _________Grammar.


13. Which of these above skills do you think are more important for your daily necessities?


14. How many hours a week do you read in English?

            a. Never

            b. 1-2

            c. 3-5

            d. More then 5




15. What of the following topics are you interested in?


a.       History

b.      Science

c.       Geography

d.      World News

e.       Movies

f.        New York

g.       Food and Cooking

h.      Sports

i.         Technology

j.         Music

k.       ______________________________________

l.         ______________________________________


16. Is there something that you would like to let us know?


17.  Do you want to ask Mandy and Ester a question about themselves?