About the Guam Women's Club, Calendar for Program Year

About the Guam Women's Club 

The Guam Women’s Club is dedicated to community service. As the oldest women’s organization on island, it has served the Guam community for 60 years by addressing issues relating to the general welfare, health and  education of its population.  Since 1952 the Guam Women’s Club has:



*   Raised funds for other nonprofit community groups that serve our island;

*   Awarded educational scholarships for college/university students;

*   Provided in-kind and volunteer services for a variety of causes;

*   Lobbied for improvements in the community. 

The Guam Women’s Club is an entirely volunteer nonprofit organization made up of women from a variety of backgrounds dedicated to making Guam a better place to live.


If you are interested in membership with the Guam Women's Club, please contact Caroline at: chsablan@bankofguam.com 

 2018-2019 CALENDAR

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