Guam Women's Club
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The Guam Women’s Club is an entirely volunteer nonprofit organization made up of women from a variety of backgrounds who are dedicated to making Guam a better place to live. Since 1952 the Guam Women’s Club has been dedicated to the Guam community by addressing issues relating to the general welfare, health and education of Guam’s population.  

                                                                                                   Officers for 2017-2018

Board of Directors
Leo Jordanou, President 
Donna Kloppenburg, Vice President
Rena Borja, Treasurer (Interim)
Becky Perez, Assistant Treasurer
Renee Veksler, Recording Secretary
Angie Gibbons, Assistant Recording Secretary
Sue Biolchino, Corresponding Secretary
June Chang, Mae Cotton, Members at Large
Executive Council
Membership Chair, Cindy Brewer; Co-chair, Crystal Nelson
Luncheon Chair, Arlene Bordallo; Co-chair, Vanessa Quinata
Publicity Chair, Caroline Sablan; Co-chair, Joiz Salas
Historian, Lina McDonald
Standing Chairs
Senior Citizen Chair, Chet Neri; Co-chair, Delisa Kloppenburg
Sunshine Chair, Ina Lee; Co-chair, Loisa Cabuhat
Education Chair, Nancy Weare 
Special Committees
Military Liasons, Louise Lippert (Navy), Lynae Cox (Air Force)
Parlimentarian, Rosemarie Cruz
By-Laws Review, Mary Lou Wheeler
Website Chair, Renee Veksler
Hollywood Benefit Show: Co-chairs Caroline Sablan & Donna Kloppenburg, Honorary Chair: Rosemarie Cruz
Mardi Gras Co-chairs: Sue Biolchino & Donna Kloppenburg, Honorary Chair: Rosemarie Cruz
Nominating Committee: Rosemarie Cruz, Donna Kloppenburg, Lina McDonald, Rena Borja
FACEBOOK: Gwc Non-Profit
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