Cruz Update 12-22-11: The lie that won't die

Senator Cruz appears to be terribly self-conscious about having been exposed for his attempt to mislead the public on Bill 323. After the bill's passage yesterday, Cruz told PNC news:

"I didn't see what the problem was. It was just making it very clear and explicit that we needed consent although it's already in the law that we needed consent by a parent, but more importantly for me, it's going to have the judiciary put together some rules about how to be able to handle these things."

Legislative Session, Bill 323, 12/22/11

Consider again what he told K57 radio host Ray Gibson on the morning after the public hearing on 11/9:

Gibson: Good Morning. You sent me a note here on Public Law dash 22-84 on HIV testing. What is this that you wanted me to read up on?
Cruz: Well, no, I..., in the news, in both the Marianas Variety and the um, Pacific Daily News, they both make mention about there is current law that, uh...explicitly prohibits a minor from consenting to uh....anything that induces abortion. And so, I just wanted you to see that...where that section of the law came from and how...and the legislative history behind it.
Gibson: Ah, I see, I see, and this goes back to 22-84.
Cruz: Correct.
Gibson: Okay. Keeping the comment period open for 30 days so if there are people out there that might want to reconsider their testimony, they’re able to do all of that.
Cruz: Yah.

So on 11/9 Cruz tells us that there is already current law that explicitly prohibits abortion, and (by confirming Gibson's statement) there is time for "people out there" (the bill's supporters) to "change their testimony" - an obvious inference by Cruz that Bill 323 is redundant legislation and that there is no need for it. And on 12/22, he tells us that the bill was needed to make parental consent "clear and explicit".

So what happened between 11/9 and 12/22 that changed Cruz' opinion of Bill 323 from not needed to needed? Nothing, other than the exposition of Cruz' lie and his incessant need to cover for that lie at every opportunity, as just demonstrated again today after the bill's passage: "
it's already in the law that we needed consent by a parent ..."

Perhaps he believes if he tells the lie often enough... Well, we hope he does, because every time he tells it, we get to another opportunity to expose the lie and the man telling it.

Again, at this point, it may seen that we are nagging about nothing since the bill passed unanimously. Getting the bill passed was only one of our objectives. Exposing the efforts in the legislature to kill pro-life legislation was the other. It is only due to the constant public pounding on the likes of Senator Cruz and his lie that he and the other senators who have killed such legislation in the past, got the message.

And just because the bill is passed, it doesn't mean we will go away. If they will lie to us once they will lie to us again. And some of these guys have been lying to us for a very long time.

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