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George Tziralis (early beta)

Doctoral Researcher, Dipl. Mechanical Engineer 



I received my Mechanical Engineering Diploma (Bachelor plus MSc equivalent) with an emphasis in industrial engineering from the National Technical University of Athens in 2004.

I am currently affiliated as a Doctoral Researcher in the Industrial Management and Operational Research Sector of the NTUA's Mechanical Engineering School. 

My research interests extend in the area of Computational Methods for Predictive Machine Learning, focusing on Prediction Markets and Data Mining.


My Resume / CV

Prediction Markets

Prediction Markets consist the core of my doctoral dissertation. Here you can find more about prediction markets on my homepage... 

 Prediction Markets


A Web search engine focusing on content relevant to prediction markets (+ recent blog posts on prediction markets)...

Prediction Markets Search Engine 

A blog + news aggregator on prediction markets and relevant keywords...

Prediction Markets News Roll

Data Mining

Data Mining is also a focus area of my research. 

I am in charge of teaching the course "Data Mining Algorithms" at the postgraduate program "Applied Mathematical Sciences" of NTUA's School of Applied Mathematics and Physics. Here you can find more... 

Data Mining


Other Works 

Incorporating Uncertainty in Optimal Investment Decisions 

Economic Aspects and the Sustainability Impact of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games


The new, post-Olympic Athens


 Attempts to Forecast Future Stock Prices and Determine Investor’s Risk Using Neural Networks and Monte Carlo Simulation (my Graduate Thesis, in greek)

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