This is Not Your Typical, Run-of-the-Mill, Hackathon.

Google TV Hackathon is a not-for-profit event for the Google TV platform, encouraging development using both the native Google TV SDK and web standards.

At this weekend-long event, participants will have an opportunity to design, develop and demo a complete application. There will also be a beginner technical track that will help first-time Google TV developers become familiar with the basics of the Google TV Platform.

The event kicks off on Friday, April 20, 2012, where ideas and teams will come together. Teams will have the rest of the weekend to build their applications. Teams will then present their work to the public on the evening of Sunday April 22, 2012 and winners will be chosen for each category specified below:
  • from Judges Panel (3)
    • New
    • Migrated
    • multiscreen
  • from popular vote (1): Organized by SVAndroid

Instead of back-to-back presentations followed by several variations of "Hello World," GoogleTV Hackathon is all about coding and completing a full-featured Google TV application using Android technologies. While there will be opportunities to try new APIs and learn new features, teams will be expected to produce a real, working application in 2.5 days in return for free meals and a chance for fame and fortune, should one create the next killer app!

Feeling up to the challenge?

Please register by clicking the "Register Now" button above. Attendance is capped, so register soon -- all registrations are on a first-come, first-serve basis.