"What am I going to find on the meetings?": Developers, techies, curious people and Google Technologies. 

We use to organize different type of meetings:

  • Demos: someone will show us how he/she build an application using Google Technologies.
  • Lectures: an speaker will talk about a Google Technology.
  • Video visualization: we will see a video about any technology and after we will share opinions and ideas.
  • Code sprints and hackathons: imminent practical session.
  • Conferences: a bunch of talks about different technologies
  • Pizza nights: get together to eat some pizza and talk about techie things (if you don't like pizza you are not welcome; kidding ;D)
  • If you have any other idea please share it with us!

If you want to attend to a meeting just check when are we going to meet. And if it is your fist time we suggest you to read the tips.

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