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Outside Reading Project Choices

1. Advice Column: Describe one of the problems faced by one of the characters in the book (1 paragraph).  Write advice for him/her (2 paragraphs minimum).  You may choose to be serious or humorous.  Use the letter format common to newspaper advicecolumns, where the person with the problems writes for advice and the advisor writes back.  For examples,look at www.uexpress.com/dearabby/
2.Fortune Cookies: You are dining at a Chinese restaurant with 5 characters for the book you just read.  Create fortune cookies for each character and explain why it is especially fitting for that character (1 paragraph per character).
3. Casting the Movie: You are the director in charge of filming the novel.  How will you cast it?  Name specific actors for the roles (Pick at least 3-one paragraph for each).  Include pictures and explain why you chose them.  How will you use lighting, color, special effects, and sound?
4. Character Astrology Signs: Figure out which signs you think 3 of the characters from your book were born under.  Write an explanation of why you think they fit the sign, drawing on their actions,attitudes, and thoughts from the book. Be specific!!
5. Movie Recommendations: Pick 5 movies that you would recommend to a character in the book.  Give a brief summary of each movie and explain why you think the character should see it.
6. Book Cover: Create a new book cover for your book.  On the front, create an illustration you feel represents the book.  On the inside flap, have a brief synopsis of the book.  On the back flap, include information about the author.  On the back cover, create blurbs about the book from various reviewers, magazines,and newspapers.  Write an explanation on how you changed the cover and why your better represents the book.
7. Newspaper: Create a newspaper page about at least one important event in your book.  Include at least an interview with the main character, a letter to the editor, a weather report and an advertisement.  All articles should be related to the characters, events, and settings in your book.  Use newspaper format.