Typology of the messianic ministry

Typology of the messianic ministry (the Messianic Parody)

The Antichrist versus the Christ, or the Messianic Parody

Essence of the argument:

When it is compared the work of the 4 Powers revealed in Rev 13 (the Dragon, the sea Beast, the terrestrial Beast, the Image of the Beast) and the work of many other Powers revealed in the Gospels and Acts (the Father, Christ, the Holy Ghost, the Apostles), they are observed parallels that invite to deepen in the meaning of the same ones.

Let them be seen some of them: The Dragon gives his power and authority to the sea Beast (Rev 13:2). So the Father gives his power and authority to Christ in occasion of his baptism (Acts 10:37-38; Jn 10:18). The Beast is mortally wounded and healed (Rev 13:3, 12, 14). So Christ was dead and resurrected. The Greek word “esfagménon” (beheaded, immolated) it describes them both (vers. 3, 8), that is, both were slaughtered. The acting of both of them it is coincidental as well: 3 ½ years (prophetic ones for the Beast, literal ones for Christ).

On the other handthe terrestrial Beast seeks that the people worship the first Beast (Rev 13:12). For it, it performs all kinds of portents, even to make fire descend from heaven (v. 13). So in like manner with the Holy Ghost: He performed miracles to achieve conversion to Christ, and the descending of tongues of fire from heaven (Pentecost) it was the first one of them. The Image or Copy of the first Beast receives breath from the terrestrial Beast (v. 15) to carry out its missionary program: the imposition of the Mark and the Name of the sea Beast (v. 17). So with the Copy of Christ (the Apostles, Acts 4:13), who receive from the Holy Ghost the breath (v. 31) to carry out their missionary program: To disseminate in Jerusalem the doctrine and the Name of Christ (5:28; 4:7-10, 24-30).

These and other parallels they will be analyzed in the present “Parody”, the one that, in the opinion of the author, it may be equated to the marrow of the “mystery of God” that, with the passage of time, it would be unraveled: “The (prophetic) time it would be no more, but that in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he begins to play the trumpet, the Mystery of God it will be consummated, as He announced it to His servants the prophets” (Rev 10:6-7).

Content of the presentation:

1. Sketch of the great biblical prophecies (slides 2-68)
2. The Messianic Parody... summarized (slides 69-74)
3. The Messianic Week, years 27-34 AD (slides 75-100)
4. The Messianic Parody... developed (first part) (slides 101-129)
5. The Parody described by other authors (slides 130-147)
6. The Messianic Parody... developed (second part) (slides 148-194)
7. Lifting up of the semicircles (slides 195-222)
8. Amphibology (or double meaning) between ‘type’ and ‘antitype’ (slides 223-245)
9. The case of the impostor ‘antitype’ (slides 246-262)
10. Discerning meanings: Lessons (slides 263-284)
11. The message of the 3rd. Angel in typological language (slides 285-308)
Appendix: Quotes by Ellen White about prophetic calculations (slides 309-315)

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