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«Amazing Meanings of the ‘Gospel’ and its Typology in Revelation» (S.A.E.T.A. in Spanish)


«Amazing Meanings of the ‘Gospel’ and its Typology in Revelation» (S.A.E.T.A.) Ministry constitutes a service of study and diffusion of the biblical typologies of Daniel and Revelation. Promoted by Gustavo Contreras (Master in Theology, Latin American Seventh-day Adventist Seminary of Theology, Argentina, 1996) [*], this work exposes typological studiesprophetic and spiritual ones, extracted from both books. With that, it is pursued the purpose that it is taken conscience of the coming outcome of the things with the consequent return of Jesus Christ to earth.

This website procures to share diverse topics about Daniel and Revelation, particularly the message of the Three Angels of Rev. 14:6-12 (which, like arrows [cf. Jer. 50:14], they go directed mainly against the spiritual Babylon), as well typological reflections that the author develops from the diverse types (biblical models) contained in the 
eternal Gospel
 of Revelation (14:6), this is, the following three typologies:

(1) The ‘typology of the binary government (King [God] / Priest [Christ] versus state [king] / church [priest]), according to the book of Daniel and Revelation 17,

(2) the ‘typology of the priestly ministry (this is, the Sanctuary and celestial priesthood contrasted to the light of the sanctuary and earthly priesthood), revealed typology in Daniel 7-9, Revelation 1-11, and the book of Hebrews, and

(3) the typology of the Messianic ministry (the Antichrist versus the Christ, or the Messianic parody), according to how it appears described in Revelation 12-20.

At the same time the author invites to consider the revolutionary characteristics (typological as well) that suggest the ministry of the Angel of the stone (Revelation 18:21-24) as counterweight to the messianic pretensions of the Papacy, according to how it is observed in this provocative Vatican document: 
Towards reforming the international financial and monetary systems in the context of Global Public Authority
 (Oct. 2011). The pride of Babylon and her message of false hopes are counteracted with the sudden announcement of this mysterious 
. His message and ministry may be better appreciated to the light of the work of that strange character (Yeshua ben Hananiah), whose woes moved the city of Jerusalem for 7 years in the decade of the 60 AD, according to how it is described in the study: Parallels with the outcome of the Apostolic Church in JerusalemThese topics and other studies appear sketched in the section S.A.E.T.A. Series, whose promotional videos are being published there, trusting that they will be appreciated.

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For now, the people of God, who holds on high the flag of the message of the 3rd. Angel, awaits the appearance of the called 4th. Angel (the descent of the Holy Spirit with His Latter rain) which will strengthen the most sublime work ever entrusted to the mortals: the diffusion of the admonitions contained in the last message of mercy, the message of the Three Angels of Revelation 14.

[*] Currently he works as Director of the Dept. of Biblical Languages in Biblical College and Seminary Cary, in Lindsay, CA.


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I want to invite you to share with me your opinion (writing to my personal e-mail or in the Contact’ section) about the promotional videos that I am uploading to spread this service of preaching. The videos of the ‘Expositions’ section may illustrate about the style of the speaker and his positive and stimulant presentations.

Our approach has three outstanding features:
1) The topics seek to reveal that ALL THAT WE DO must be oriented towards the final events (it is coming to the living an imminent investigative judgment);
2) ‘The one that is born in the Kingdom, they are born a missionary’: We cannot be satisfied with the food merely received in the Church; we must SHUDDER TO PROVIDE IT to others as well;
3) Prophecy should not be only studied, but also FULFILLED, obeyed (for instance, Laodicea proceeding to repentance, Revelation 3:18-20).

S.A.E.T.A. is a ministry of self-support and of support to the Adventist Christian message. Being that it is a full time service dedicated to the production of materials (some of them, of revolutionary content as the promo videos #3, 4 and 5), it will be supported with the sales of the recordings and the donations received. If sponsors would appear who would want to sponsor us, the materials will be released immediately for the public domain. For now, the cost of each DVD (or equivalent file, those that will contain a chapter of the series or subchapter, of 1 hour or less of length) it is of 10 dollars.

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Pr. Gustavo Contreras.