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«Amazing Meanings of the ‘Gospel’ and Its Typology in Revelation» (S.A.E.T.A. in Spanish)


«Amazing Meanings of the ‘Gospel’ and Its Typology in Revelation» (S.A.E.T.A.) Ministry constitutes a service of study and diffusion of the biblical typologies of Daniel and Revelation. Promoted by Gustavo Contreras (Master in Theology, Latin American Seventh-day Adventist Seminary of Theology, Argentina, 1996) [*], this work exposes typological studies, prophetic and spiritual ones, extracted from both books. With that, it is pursued the purpose that it is taken conscience of the coming outcome of the things with the consequent return of Jesus Christ to earth.

This website procures to share diverse topics about Daniel and Revelation, particularly the message of the Three Angels of Rev. 14:6-12 (which, like arrows [cf. Jer. 50:14], they go directed mainly against the spiritual Babylon), as well typological reflections that the author develops from the diverse types (biblical models) contained in the 
eternal Gospel
 of Revelation (14:6), this is, the following three typologies:

(1) The ‘typology of the binary government (King [God] / Priest [Christ] versus state [king] / church [priest]), according to the book of Daniel and Revelation 17,

(2) the ‘typology of the priestly ministry (this is, the Sanctuary and celestial priesthood contrasted to the light of the sanctuary and earthly priesthood), revealed typology in Daniel 7-9, Revelation 1-11, and the book of Hebrews, and

(3) the typology of the Messianic ministry (the Antichrist versus the Christ, or the Messianic parody), according to how it appears described in Revelation 12-20.

At the same time the author invites to consider the revolutionary characteristics (typological as well) that suggest the ministry of the Angel of the stone (Revelation 18:21-24) as counterweight to the messianic pretensions of the Papacy, according to how it is observed in this provocative Vatican document: 
Towards reforming the international financial and monetary systems in the context of Global Public Authority
 (Oct. 2011). The pride of Babylon and her message of false hopes are counteracted with the sudden announcement of this mysterious 
. His message and ministry may be better appreciated to the light of the work of that strange character (Yeshua ben Hananiah), whose woes moved the city of Jerusalem for 7 years in the decade of the 60 AD, according to how it is described in the study: Parallels with the outcome of the Apostolic Church in JerusalemThese topics and other studies appear sketched in the section S.A.E.T.A. Series, whose promotional videos are being published there, trusting that they will be appreciated.

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For now, the people of God, who holds on high the flag of the message of the 3rd. Angel, awaits the appearance of the called 4th. Angel (the descent of the Holy Spirit with His Latter rain) which will strengthen the most sublime work ever entrusted to the mortals: the diffusion of the admonitions contained in the last message of mercy, the message of the Three Angels of Revelation 14.

[*] Currently he works as Director of the Dept. of Biblical Languages in Biblical College and Seminary Cary, in Lindsay, CA.


Topics Series by Pr. Gustavo Contreras

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I. Series: ¿Saturday or Sunday? A story of the change of the sacred day
    PART I: Jesus and the ‘day of the Lord’ (11 topics)
I. Rediscovering the ‘day of the Lord’
II. Which one is the true ‘day of the Lord’?
III. The Sabbath, its typology and messianic fulfillment
IV. The ecclesiastical Fathers interpret...
V. Jesus and His keeping of the Sabbath
VI. Jesus effects more Sabbath healings
VII. Jesus defends His Sabbath behavior
VIII. Jesus, mercy and the Sabbath
IX. Jesus and the relationship between man and the Sabbath
X. The ‘Sabbath rest’ in the Epistle to the Hebrews
XI. Jesus and a warning about the Sabbath
    PART II: The New Testament and the origin of the observance of Sunday (6 topics)
XII. The Resurrection and the ‘day of the Lord’
XIII. The Passover and the ‘day of the Lord’
XIV. The appearances of the Resurrected One and the ‘day of the Lord’
XV. A crucial text and the ‘day of the Lord’: 1 Corinthians 16:1-3
XVI. A crucial text and the ‘day of the Lord’: Acts 20:7-12
XVII. A crucial text and the ‘day of the Lord’: Revelation 1:10
    PART III: Jerusalem and the origin of Sunday observance
XVIII. [In production . . .]

    PART IV: Rome and the origin of Sunday observance
    PART V: Anti-Judaism in the Fathers and the origin of Sunday observance
    PART VI: Sun worship and the origin of Sunday observance
    PART VII: The theology of Sunday
    PART VIII: Saturday or Sunday: Biblical mandate or cultural imposition?

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II. Series: A worldwide political Authority (the Papacy currently)
II. A Worldwide Authority: Its modern origins
III. Planetary crisis in favor of the ‘Authority’ (1st and 2nd videos)
IV. The ‘Authority’ disputing ground
V. Pseudo-Messianism revealed (1st and 2nd videos)
VI. Two Trinities confronted
VII. Their ambassadors confronted
VIII. Babylon the great: Supremacy and fall
IX. The time of acting of the Lord

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III. Series: The ‘Angel of the stone’ (the mysterious Angel of Rev. 18:21)
1. The final events and the ‘Angel of the stone’
2. The first antecedent of the ‘Angel of the stone’
3. A second antecedent: A prophet that prefigures it
4. Another antecedent, as strange as the symbol
5. The ‘Angel of the stone’ against Babylon
6. This symbol in the angelic concert of Revelation
7. Precedence between the two Angels of Revelation 18
8. More characteristics of the ‘Angel of the stone’
9. The Seventh Trumpet and the Third Angelic Message
10. The Seventh Trumpet and the ‘Angel of the stone’

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IV. Series: The Messianic Parody behind the great prophecies - (Antichrist versus Christ)
1. Sketch of the great biblical prophecies
2. The Messianic Parody... summarized
3. The Messianic Week, years 27-34 AD
4. The Messianic Parody... developed (first part)
5. The Parody described by other authors
6. The Messianic Parody... developed (second part)
7. Lifting up of the semicircles
8. Amphibology (or double meaning) between ‘type’ and ‘antitype’
9. The case of the impostor ‘antitype’
10. Discerning meanings: Lessons
11. The message of the 3rd. Angel in typological language
--Appendix: Quotes by E. White about prophetic calculations

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V. Series: Parallels with the outcome of the Apostolic Church in Jerusalem
I. ‘Tipology’, or parallelism between two models
II. Luke 21: The core of the argument
III. A summary of the argument of the parallels (First part)
IV. A summary of the argument of the parallels (Second part)
V. I. Two confronted worldviews (First part)
VI. I. Two confronted worldviews (Second part)
7. Two excluding messages
8. Imprecise leadership facing the final events (Acts 20:28, 30; Luke 21:34)
9. Scatological prophecies: Which fulfillments? (Luke 21:8-11)
10. Unexpected turn: Shaking and witnessing (Luke 21:12-19)
11. The siege: The last great saving sign (Luke 21:20-23)
12. The final destruction (Luke 21:24)

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VI. Series: The historicity of Jesus on the bench [new version]
1. Jesus on the bench of the critics (‘Do you not hear how many things these testify against You?’)
2. Myth, legend, or biographical narration? Jesus facing Socrates and Apollonius
3. Canonical, apocryphal, Gnostic ones... Which one is the true Gospel?
4. The Judaism preserves a stereotype of the Nazarene
5. Are the four canonical witnesses trustworthy?
6. Jesus, deceiver, schizophrenic or divine one?
7. The body of the Nazarene, exchanged, stolen or resurrected?
8. Is Jesus the Messiah of the Hebrew prophecies?
9. The Christ prefigured in Jewish symbols and rites
10. A singular prophecy: The Messiah identified
11. Is the scriptural interpretation of the Nazarene reliable?
12. Jesus, the illiterate one who hampered the system
13. The Pharisaic theology and the heretical Nazarene
14. The Tradition of the elderly (Mishnah) invalidated
15. Witnesses who the Nazarene quotes in His defense
16. Interpellation that could have been
17. Interpellation that took place
18. Chronology of the events and messages of Jesus
19. Better to be a pig than a son (Herod and his time)
20. Is the person of the Nazarene relevant today?

 VII. Series: Historical panorama of Christianity
(courtesy by Olam 7 USA)

 VIII. Series: Acts and enigmas in Daniel and Revelation
(courtesy by Olam 7 USA)

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IX. Series: Light in the midst of great catastrophes [new version] - (The remnant facing the imminent desolation)
1. The faith of the preacher against the science of the antediluvians (Noah)
2. The faith of the righteous one in the midst of the corruption of Sodom (Lot)
3. The faith of the foreigner between inhabitants almost sentenced (Abraham)
4. The faith of the suffering facing the plagues of Egypt (captive Israelites)
5. The faith of the renewed man against the destructive armies (Gideon)
6. The faith of the worshiper during the apostasy of Israel (922-722 BC)
7. The faith of the supplicant one facing concerted hostile multitudes (Jehoshaphat)
8. The faith of the firm one facing the ruin of Jerusalem (586 BC)
9. The faith of the captive against the desolation of Babylon (539 BC)
10. The faith of the heterodox’ and the second ruin of Jerusalem (66-70 AD)

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o watch a description of the series
X. Series: The distinctive truths for our time
1. Light that comes from the heavenly Sanctuary and its service
2. The Sabbath, valid sign from the creation
3. The message of the Three Angels and its universal transcendence
4. The uncomfortable doctrine of the Investigative Judgment
5. The gift of prophecy in modern times
6. The unpopular doctrine of the conditional immortality
7. The clear identity of the Antichrist
8. The health reform and the temple of the believer
9. The justice of Christ and the Law of God
10. The pre-millennial Second Coming of Christ

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XI. Series: The popular beliefs uncovered
1. The natural immortality of the soul: vehicle of spiritism
2. Hell as eternal torment
3. Purgatory and limbo, preparatory for heaven
4. The sacredness of Sunday
5. The doctrine of the intercession of Mary
6. The baptism of the children
7. The glossolalia and the charismatic phenomena
8. ‘Once saved, always saved’
9. The Secret Rapture and the coming of the Antichrist
10. The Law annulled by Grace

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XII. Series: Jesus, your best Friend (Christ-centered topics)
1. Jesus comforts you
2. Jesus defends you
3. Jesus understands you
4. Jesus goes with you
5. Jesus teaches you
6. Jesus trains you
7. Jesus lights you up
8. Jesus renews you
9. Jesus forgives you
10. Jesus is your best Friend

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XIII. Series: Ten days in the Upper room [new version] - (Revival topics, based on EGW, Acts of the Apostles, pages 29-31 [Spanish])
Day 1. A definite request
Day 2. Faith with argument
Day 3. Genuine repentance
Day 4. Specific confession
Day 5. Absolute rendition
Day 6. Narrow fellowship
Day 7. Scrutiny of the soul
Day 8. A different acting, sacrificed one
Day 9. Joy and praise
Day 10. Brave witnessing

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XIV. Series: Daniel: Timely lessons for the last generation (chapter by chapter)

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XV. Series: Revelation: Lessons of ‘the things that must happen soon’ (chapter by chapter)

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XVI. Series: Laodicea: They are knocking at your door! (revival and reform)

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XVII. Series: Nehemiah: Leader model for the current hour (chapter by chapter)

XVIII. Series: Spiritual gifts: The weapons of the time of the end (empowerment of gifts and ministries)

XIX. Series: Lessons from Romans and Galatians (lessons about justification by faith)

XX. Series: Lessons extracted from the Patriarchs for our time (Abraham in Canaan; lessons from 1 Cor. 10:6-11; etc.)

XXI. Series: Lessons from the sanctuary of the desert

XXII. Series: The parables of the Lord and the last generation

XXIII. Topics dedicated to matters of interestFamily, young people, integral stewardship, etc.

XXIV. Courses of biblical Hebrew and Greek, online

XXV. Project of Opening of SCHOOL OF THEOLOGICAL TRAINING, online

Dear visitor friend:

I want to invite you to share with me your opinion (writing to my personal e-mail or in the Contact’ section) about the promotional videos that I am uploading to spread this service of preaching. The videos of the ‘Expositions’ section may illustrate about the style of the speaker and his positive and stimulant presentations.

Our approach has three outstanding features:
1) The topics seek to reveal that ALL THAT WE DO must be oriented towards the final events (it is coming to the living an imminent investigative judgment);
2) ‘The one that is born in the Kingdom, they are born a missionary’: We cannot be satisfied with the food merely received in the Church; we must SHUDDER TO PROVIDE IT to others as well;
3) Prophecy should not be only studied, but also FULFILLED, obeyed (for instance, Laodicea proceeding to repentance, Revelation 3:18-20).

S.A.E.T.A. is a ministry of self-support and of support to the Adventist Christian message. Being that it is a full time service dedicated to the production of materials (some of them, of revolutionary content as the promo videos #3, 4 and 5), it will be supported with the sales of the recordings and the donations received. If sponsors would appear who would want to sponsor us, the materials will be released immediately for the public domain. For now, the cost of each DVD (or equivalent file, those that will contain a chapter of the series or subchapter, of 1 hour or less of length) it is of 10 dollars.

I pray that God touches your heart so that you desire to support the evangelizing work of this one your servant.

Pr. Gustavo Contreras.