Finding major design issues very late in the development lifecycle and the resulting unpredictability at a project’s finish cause many projects to suffer. From mobile apps to complex, highly-distributed systems tested by multiple, geographically dispersed teams, graphical test planning (GTP) helps eliminate this unpredictability. 

GTP is a revolutionary test analysis methodology that uses behaviour modelling to capture system design, anticipate product bugs before coding and develop test suites before code delivery. GTP, though lightweight, covers boundary conditions, class equivalence, domain analysis and combinations. 

We show you how to, without special tools, use our skills and experiences to identify and remove design issues from project start onwards. Learn how to capture detailed technical information that elicits input and reviews from many sources, making testing a valuable and integral part of the whole project lifecycle. 

Discover how GTP provides the benefits of the V-Model but the flexibility, efficiency, and agility required to fit into today’s development processes. Explore how you can use GTP to successfully test your next project—however challenging.

Why Use GTP!

To increase productivity and quality while reducing costs.

Our Experience Shows!

We have successfully shipped several major products, by using the GTP methodology, over the last 10 years.

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