Our History Today

Our History Today is a newsletter that is distributed free to residents of Germantown. Please look for copies at the library and local businesses about town.

The publication is written and published by Dick Montague with the encouragement of friends and support from the Hover Foundation.

It will be published as a quarterly and welcomes contributions of original historical articles about Germantown, historic photographs of the town and its people, comments, essays and personal memoirs of life here. Professional and non-professional contributions are equally welcome.

Contributions are welcomed at The Parsonage, Maple Avenue, during the department's Saturday hours and at the newsletter's editorial office is at 129 East Camp Road, Germantown, NY 12526, or online at wordshop@valstar.net.

All contributions will be personally credited to the authors and donors. Special care is taken with historic photographs which are carefully copied and returned promptly to contributors.