GCS Yearbook Project

Germantown Central School Yearbooks

The Germantown History Department has a large number of GCS yearbooks, but not all of them. We will be gradually scanning these yearbooks and making them available on the Internet. Please note that this is a long term project, so additions will be made only sporadically.

If you have a GCS yearbook that you no longer want, please consider donating it to the history department. We are very interested in completing our collection if possible. Or, if you have a GCS yearbook that is not listed and you would be willing to loan it to us so that we can scan it, please contact us at 518-537-3600.

These slideshows may be large and take some time to load. Please be patient.

Also, please be aware that not all students are pictured in the yearbooks. Usually, the names of unpictured students are listed at the end of the student portraits. On occasion, portraits of students not in their proper alphabetic position are also placed at the end of the student portraits.