GCS Tricentennial Posters


Congratulations and thanks to the 36 young artists at Germantown Central School who offered mural designs to commemorate the 300th Anniversary:

Tyler Amrod, Sara Andrews, Allison Christie, Emma Grima, Lauren Fix, Amandus Fuchs III, Skylar Gamble McCagg, Anna Geraghty, Kylie Helsley, Jahn Jaeger, Gwendolyn Lawlork Anastasia Leto, Mariah Lopez, Brianna Martin, Crystal McGhee, Samantha Miller, Alicia Oliveri, Roberto Orozco, Emily Palmieri, Caitlin Pasco, Katarina Pasco, De'Shan Platt-Charles, Susan Risch, Martin Ruocco, Kevin Saltis, Josephine Savarese, Cayla Smith, Conin Smith, Kyle Smith, Erin Starr, Sean Steeneck, Brittany Torchia, Nicholas Weed.