300th Anniversary

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300th Anniversary of the Settlement of Germantown New York

In October 2010 the town of Germantown turned 300 years old! A group of your neighbors, friends and fellow business people came together with a mission:

To promote Germantown’s 300th birthday with a quality year long town-wide celebration. This was a once in a 300 year opportunity that brought the entire Germantown community together for some good, neighborly fun.During the first weekend, October 2-3, the town recalled its historical roots with a history seminar featuring leading Palatine historians, authors and genealogists.On Sunday, October 3, a Palatine concert featured the premiere of a new Palatine composition by Harold Farberman, renowned composer/conductor and a long-time Germantown resident.

This year was also the 300th Anniversary of Christ Lutheran Church. Please click here for information on the church celebration!

The second weekend, October 8-10, was devoted to an extravagant Palatine Oktoberfest. The weekend started with a wagon parade on Friday evening, continued over Saturday and Sunday with a spectacular bonfire and fireworks, dozens of craftspeople and food vendors celebrating the bounty of the Hudson Valley, bands...including a German 'oompah' band ...a dance for teenagers, and free wagon rides.